Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Joan's Busy With...

Wow... I haven't been blogging for a very long time, and it would really pain me if I'm going to blog about mundane stuff to bore you guys. But I'm really like a squeezed lemon. Nothing's coming out of me. I've been trying to work on my script for my Chinese Drama. I've all the idea but no idea how to fit them in, so far I'm still left with one more part to fit in that four-parter. Okay, make them one and a half parts cos I still cannot differentiate between Galileo and Copernicus. Anyone has any clear idea about them, EMAIL OR MSN ME IMMEDIATELY. I'll fall in love with you.

After some thinking, I've decided to do the mundane blogging first. hai...

I went for a bonding camp for my Chinese Drama Exco organised by my previous batch of excos. No, I didn't manage to kachiao my laoban, but I ended up giving lots of good jibes to Stupid Boy. How stupid is Stupid Boy, I'm going to be a nice person and not reveal his stupidity but all I can say that it rivalled my Stupidity Symptoms.

Of course, the main thing about the bonding camp is not to jibe people, it's to get to know them better and build up a close bond. Well, I did feel closer to the other excos after the camp. Just hope that we can manage to complete out term with as little friction as possible.

Another thing I managed to get away from this camp is Stupid Boy's money. oops... Say until like that, but I myself also didn't realise it until I just checked my wallet. I brought $60 to the camp, I only spent $40 on the chalet money and renting bikes and some misc stuff which I had to pay to Shushu. Then I spent another bit of money on my cab fare home, and I still have the remainder of that in my wallet. interesting... Considering that I had earlier confiscated Stupid Boy's $10, and the little bit of money here and there, I guess it's no wonder that he's complaining he's broke. I guess it's my fault. bleah... Am I very mean? hmm... Better think of ways to treat him better ba. Maybe I can stop calling him fat? Stupid is mean enough liao, better not let him be stupid and fat.

hmm... I was thinking, hey... Wanna see the pictures I took for this camp?

I do like taking photos when I'm happy. But sometimes, it misleads people to think that I'm always happy. hai... *piak piak* Better not become depressed sia. I'll be going out with the ding-dings later for a ktv session. woohoo~ It's been a long time since I last met up with them, it'll be fun. And I'll bring along my trusty A80 and my N6230, then I'll make another album. hahahaha~

if you guys wanna backtrack and look at my other pictures, there's link by the side stating yahoo photos, yup, click it and you'll be brought to my albums. If you are really dense and comparable to dear Stupid Boy, well, you can click this too ba:

Okay... Now what had I wanted to talk about when I first started to blog? An interesting insight of Joan. I shall title it:

Of Uchenna and Joyce and Tom

I'm sure by now you guys should know that I watch Amazing Race and Survivor. I'm sad to say that I missed both finales. I missed the finale of Amazing Race cos I was in that bonding camp, and I missed the finale of Survivor cos I was out with a friend. Yup, friend, it's all your fault! How are you going to compensate me? But I caught the results of Survivor before the show played on TV cos I went online to check it. So I knew it was Tom before I went out with my friend, and it did settle a couple of stones in me.

Uchenna and Joyce.
I'm not their supporter. Neither do I like them. You know, the skin colour thingie... But they are nice people, they would really make good use of the money they won, and more importantly, they had wanted the money to make babies, so I must say their money will be well spent. Rob and Amber won 5 prizes for coming in first in the legs, I think that's enough for them, after all they already have a million bucks. I don't really think they joined the race for the cash prize, but more for the fun of it.

I didn't see how Rob and Amber ran the last leg, but from the videos I watched online, they are pretty cool about not winning, so I guess that should be fine with them ba. Maybe on an all-stars ba... They are stars, like little stars. lol~

I'm so glad he won. He deserved it. He's a true survivor. He didn't play politics or diplomacies to win. He played his true game. He wasn't afraid of expressing his unhappiness about other people or how they are playing the game. He's loyal. He's strong. And now he has the million dollars.

I didn't really notice him throughout the beginning episodes cos they always came as a group, and always won, it was only after this rewards challenge that I started noticing him. In that reward challenge, Kuror won fresh water, supposed for bathing, but Tom said that it would be better if they don't waste the water by using it to bathe, it'll make more sense if they drank from that fresh water. My reaction was, omg... that could really piss off the girls, and he did, but well, he survived that. Then later he started winning lots of immunity challenges, that's real grit.

He and Ian dominated the immunities. Ian, I must say, he disappointed yet amazed me. He screwed up the game yet showed true friendship. I must say, well, good for you Ian. But dont forget, he'd got the chevrolet, so he can't really complain. I must say, if the final two came down to Tom and whoever, Tom would win cos he's really a nice guy and deserved the money, so Katie, that's too bad... Actually I wanted to watch the finale cos I want to know who voted for who to win the million bucks, but I missed that. hai...

What can one do with a million bucks? i wrote about that some time before, when I was dreaming about winning the Toto angpow draw, hai... It still stands la, what I want, but well, don't have such luck. sad...

Well, now that my two favourite shows have ended, my nights will be filled with loneliness. People, if you see me online, please talk to me. I'll be always be online and always available for chatting. I have zero life.

then again, I always say I've no life cos I'm online always, but hey, I do have a life. I went out yesterday, on monday, weekends I was recuperating from my camp, and before the weekends i was stuck in camp, and I was busy every day before my camp. I do have a life. But why does it seem like I don't have a life? Wonder wonder... drats... I better go hurry if not I'd be late, again.

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