Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life Without Internet

isn't really as bad as I thought. My nights are still occupied, and I'm still procrastinating packing my stuff. It's kind of hard to believe that I'm going home soon. hai...

My nights are passed reading, writing, photoshopping, and watching anime.

I'm reading Yi Tian Tu Long Ji now, I've just finished Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. Actually I've read those two stories before, just re-reading them again. I think my favourite Louis Cha novel is still Shen Diao Xia Lü because I can't stand all those indecisive men and lackstrure women. Louis Cha once said, Yang Guo is probably the strongest swordsman he had written because Yang Guo trained for seven years in the strong waves. I like Yang Guo. Zhang Wuji is an indecisive jerk, though Duan Yu is worse, wait, Wei Xiaobao is worse. bah~ Linghu Chong can't fight without his sword, and he's stupid to get hung up over Yue Lingshan, and stupid not to see through Yue Buqun. Guo Jing is just plain stupid. So, Yang Guo is still the best. He's so good that we often forget that he only has one arm. wahaha~

I'm writing a piece of fanfiction now. My first fanfiction, but of course not my first piece of writing. It's a Detective Conan one, GinXSherryXAkai Shuichi set one year ago. Kudo Shinichi, Mouri Ran, and Vermouth makes cameo appearances, Akemi Miyano is mentioned a couple of times. I'm currently at my 12th page. God... What a long fanfiction I have. It's so crazy. But I think it's not bad, I'm attempting to answer a few questions about the history of the characters and why they act the way they do. Damn... I can't wait to go back to Singapore and buy the volumes of Detective Conan I've missed, and to re-read them all again. Hope I have the time.

Last night I stayed up till late taking screencaps of Ouran High School Host Club and making graphics, banners, icons, and my favouite animated gifs. It's cool~ I'll post them up once I go back Singapore, have my own internet connection. Sitting in an open area in the library isn't condusive to do anything, especially when there are heads peeking around.

I'm also watching Ouran High School Host Club as I'm making those graphics. I love Tamaki. And Hikaru is getting on my nerves. Kyoya is so damn shuai. And he's a scorpio, there's something about scorpios that is just so so attractive. But after watching it so many times, it's getting a bit tiring. I want to read the manga! Not so sure if I'll buy it or read scanlations. Scanlations sucks. I don't want to go into my rantings over the Rin fiasco all over again.

I'm trawling the Host Club forums. Been quite fun and enlightening. And unlike the wholivesnearyou forums, there are no weird people PM-ing me. Damn... Just received another PM from another weird guy wanting me to add him in MSN and I don't even know him. I bet he's just another fisherman, casting his wide net in the vast sea and hope that someone will manage to get a fish. Pathetic desperate guys.

I've got my first module up in IVLE already. It's a module I applied for preallocation and I got it. German 5. Taught by Frau Niemann. Currently, only two people in the register, me and Xinli. Eh, Xinli can get it by preallocation meh? I know I can because I'm an EU major, not so sure she got it on what grounds. When I get back my MSN, I must ask her. lol~ She still in Taiwan. I want to go Taiwan, only because my love of my life is there, but nevermind, he's finally coming to Singapore on 2 September, and I have third row tickets!!! I've got third row tickets for Forbidden City too. Very lucky~ I bought the Forbidden City tickets late, so I wasn't sure if I could get good seats, but cool~ I did~

My housemate will be accommodating me in her room for the three nights without a room. I still have one more package not shipped yet. I've got so much to do so little time. I haven't bought my train ticket yet. I'm thinking what time should I leave here for Frankfurt. I guess I will miss here.


stanley said...

you are missing qiao feng.. my favourite!! but he's a little dumb too lah.. held on too much to his principles.. but that's what i like about him lol..

xxoos said...

i don't like qiao feng. he's a bastard. he murdered his own girl. and he doesn't seem to learn any new skills or better himself over the whole course of the story, like stagnant like that.