Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Hello, I'm on my housemate's computer. She's so nice, she not only allowed me to sleep with her until I leave Freiburg, she allowed me to use her computer (meaning:internet) when she's not in. cool~

Okay, first, Saturday. Clow Reed and Yuuko both said "there's no such thing as coincidence, only the inevitable". I don't know what it was that my Saturday turned out to be such a great one. As a habit, everytime after buying food to eat on the way home, I'd turn left at this crossroad, on Saturday, after turning left as usual, I stopped. I thought that since I had not much time left in Freiburg, I should explore other areas of the Stadtmitte. I walked back to the crossroad, and walked straight instead of turning. I walked all the way down the street and when I finally turned back, I heard a voice calling me. This was very surprising because I don't have many friends here. It turned out to be Clarence.

And because Clarence did not remember the way to Augustina Platz, I brought him there, and met Najib and the rest of their friends, and went with them around Freiburg. And got invited over to Rainer and Barbara's place for dinner. It saved me from another microwave packed dinner. Seeing the four kids again was fun too. hai... Coincidence that led me to meet Clarence?

I think I believe in making choices. With every choice made, there's a result. Although every result is fixed by the inevitable (fate, destiny, or whatever your religion dictates), ultimately, you are the one making the choice. If I had decided to turn left as usual, I'd not meet Clarence. Perhaps, if I turned right, I might have met Najib or something, but for each choice we make, a different result faces us.

On a side note, Najib looks to be attached to this Czech girl. Wonder what will come of them when Najib leaves Germany.

Speaking of relationships, I lost something the last time I was in Germany last year, and I think I'll be looking to losing something else this year. I think, I think, by the time I return, things will change. I don't know if I can me again, or I should check on my behaviour. So what if I've that bait, after all, I've lost the confidence in myself since the rough patch. I don't think I'd do anything to try and hold onto that thing I'm losing. It's all about choice. And it's really difficult for me to make one. I've already lost too much and procrastinated too my. And with my rough patch, how can I compare myself with the other? hai... 2 years and 2 months, und so weiter?

On Sunday, I spent most of the time cleaning my room. I checked out of my room on Monday. And that night, I saw the girl moving into my room. It's not even August yet (it was 11.30pm) and that girl's there. She's Korean and doesn't speak much English or German, I don't know how she's going to communicate with people.

I realised that I still have a lot of stuff to do before I can leave Freiburg. I need to exmatriculate, I need to register out of the town, and that means more paperwork. I almost forgot that I needed to collect my deposit after leaving my room (but i did that already). My tomorrow shall be filled with running abouts no different from my first days here.

I've shipped 3 boxed back to Singapore already. I wonder which will reach first, me or the boxes. As anyone would know, Joan is like the most not neat person on the world. I have now absolutely no idea what is in which box. I know I've shipped lots of clothes back already though, and the clothes in those boxes are dirty and they stink. I hope no one would open them up. And worse, I didn't bother folding them. I just stuffed everything inside, made sure that there's as little air inside as possible and sealed up the boxes. bah~ I hope my mum doesn't open the boxes. She'll puke, because of the smell and dirt and my laziness.

I'm now reading yi tian tu long ji, and playing the adam cheng song and lawrence ng song at the same time. hehehe... I read this book before, but after that I watched the TVB drama serial, and now re-reading the book, I think I can see more thing I previously missed out. Like I like Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu so much more. And Xie Xun too. And Yang Xiao, Ji Xiaofu and Yang Buhui. I used to like Zhou Zhiruo after reading the book the first time, but I hated hated her in the TVB drama, and this makes me hating her while re-reading the book. I'lltalk more about it another time, when I can use Chinese characters.

I've also been doing a lot of photoshopping, but I'm just honing my skills instead of picking up new skills. Will show off the stuff I've designed for Ouran High School Host CLub when I can upload my photos.

I'm stalled in my fanfiction. Sucks. I must end this thing fast, if not I'd go offcourse again.

Okay, I've got nothing more to write. I suddenly feel very tired. hai...

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