Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I might or might not be away until 4 August 2006 6.15pm SGT.

I will be relinquishing my room on 31 July, not so sure when I'll be giving up my internet access (I think it's supposed to be tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I can make it), so if I cease blog entries, it means that I've no internet access. If I continue my internet, I guess I'll do something about my travel logs. I've so much material but feeling the P-word setting in.

Another thing, please accept my notice to go on MIA in MSN. I've blocked everybody, except those in my "people who I chat with" list which contains a grand total of 6 people. Andrew, Cindy, Cindy, Eugene, Peiyi and my sister who won't be online anyway, I suspect my parents have grounded her from using the internet. So if your name happens not to be any of the five up there, yea, you won't see me online. But then again, I might really be offline due to my not getting an internet connection. You don't really have to worry about me. If need to contact me urgently, SMS me (Singapore number), if the answer is not so urgent, I'll email you back. If there's a need to tell me something, anything, email me, I might not might not reply though.

I'll be back home on 4th August. I'll arrive at Changi Airport at 1755SGT, so I'll take like 10min to duty free shop, and another 10min to get back home, I should be online at 1815SGT, if not I'm probably stuffing myself with food.

Let's see, any other things to say before I make my disappearance? Nothing, I guess. See you guys back in Singapore soon. And do ask me out for meals, I miss Singapore food. Ja ne~


Jasmine said...

Hey babe! You're coming back soon! Yay! Let's meet up for some shopping then! Tll then, have fun!

Hermit said...

starting to miss your presences

cindy said...

willkommen zurueck!