Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Singen and Triberg

Singen and Triberg.


This was where we went after Konstanz. Singen was because there was a rather large train station where there were connecting trains to quite a lot of places while Triberg was because previously we'd met another family who was going there. They said that there was the largest Cuckoo clock in the world, so we decided to put that place into out itinery.

I don't think I'll blog much about it since both places have their beauty yet also disappointments. For one, the going of there itself was a huge mistake, another, the partner was bad. On top of all these, the lack of sleep really didn't do me too well. And I'm not really in a very good state to blog now. hai... Just had an emotional breakdown last night, lack of sleep, piling homework, and a long good talk with someone in attempt to clear up some of my emo-ness. I think I didn't thank you, must thank you properly. Okie, thank you said~ It's cute to see how some people feel paiseh when you thank them. lol~

First up, the picture tour. The pictures log a progressive tour I took, follow them in the visual tour~

1. Singen.
2. The view that greeted me as I stepped into the town of Singen. Pretty disappointing, but it was a Sunday morning, so I guess it was very sleepy ba...
3. Any town would look instantly nicer with a couple of sculptures around, I guess.
4. Fiberglass bears. I saw them in Berlin too...
They seem to be like those fiberglass lions we have around in Singapore. Those colourfully painted by famous people ones lining the walkways of some places in Singapore. I guess it's a trend ba...
5. Mouse World. Looks damn cute.
6. A sculpture in memorial of the 1870/1 wars. A Prussian soldier.
7. A church.
8. The scene which made us excited about Singen.
9. A closer look at that scene.

But we didn't stay in Singen for long. There wasn't really anything much there, so we made our way to Triberg. After all, to us Singen was for transit~ lol...


Triberg literally meant three mountains or something to that effect, so definitely that place was filled with mountains and of course, that sitting pretty smack in the centre of the blackforest, there's lots and lots of greenery. It made a good photo taking place, but sad to say, my camera isn't a very professional one, so without the wide lens zoom and pan focusing. The pictures turned out pretty simple, yes simple and pretty, but not really amazing. lol~

The mountains and greenery~

I like the way the rails and the road look like a valley amid the lush green hills. It also looks as though the rail goes all the way down to infinity. I like these sort of disappearing roads and rails pictures. The road will go on and on and on... A bit depressing to think about, but hai...

Guess which is the real clock?

Highlight to read the answer.
The one on the left is the fake one, just a simple decoration. The one on the right is supposedly the world's biggest cuckoo clock. It looks damn disappointing. I was imagining to be in a hall with a huge gigantic clock, but it turned out that the clock was outside. It looked more like a house. For like 3 or 5 euros you can go into the clock and see the mechanism of it. erm... I prefer aesthetics to technicalities.

It took us a long while to get to that cuckoo clock place. The sign near the train station said it was 1km away, but after walking for something seemingly 1km of distance, we saw another sign saying that that place was 1km away. And after than 1km, we came to the outside entrance, we still needed to walk for another seemingly 1km of distance to get to the top of the hill inland to see that damn big clock.

And another thing not very convenient of this town is that the Altstadt (town centre) was far away from the train station, the sign said 5km, but I think it's more. There's supposedly a very beautiful waterfall at the other side of the centre, but we didn't have the time or energy to get till there. yea... not only was the walk far and though, it was raining. sucks... I hate rain. We just managed to grab a nice warm lunch at a little hotel restaurant and went back that long foot journey back to the train station.

I like water, river, streams, fountains, and all things of water, I guess most people should know after seeing all my pictures, I never give up a chance taking photos of these. I like rapids too~

During secondary school geography, we learnt all about landforms and stuff, but well, all those are just theory. It didn't occur to me the beauty of the rapids until I saw them with my own eyes. I think right now, the only thing I can think of that's prettier than a rapid is a waterfall. I love water~ After all I am a pisces mah~ And my chinese name, all bearing the element of water, all three characters. hehehe~

The road won't go on, but the path will.

Now wait patiently for the benelux tours. Think that will be more fun, but more work for me. So much to write about, so many photos to sort, and so much photoshopping to do. gah~

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