Friday, July 07, 2006

Creepy Night

The Past Will Return to Haunt, Especially at Night

A friend had a near experience with the third kind, so we started chatting about it. Okay, not we, but I brought up a couple of questions. Just wanted to think of how a normal person would react to a situation like this. I've always been wondering... Because I have a fair deal of my own unfinished business, so I've always been thinking that if one day I really were to die an unnatural death, I'd come back to haunt my past just as it had haunted me when I was alive.

[01:08:54 AM] - - 28: eh, ask u ah...
[01:09:03 AM] - - 28: say just say say only ah
[01:09:05 AM] - - 28: i died
[01:09:14 AM] - - 28: then one night i go look for you
[01:09:20 AM] - - 28: how would u react?

[01:09:30 AM] Creepy Night: scared bah
[01:09:32 AM] Creepy Night: dunno
[01:09:40 AM] Creepy Night: ofcourse will be frighten 1st

[01:09:47 AM] - - 28: but i'm still the joan u know

[01:09:53 AM] Creepy Night: even if i see Jesus, i'll be shock 1st
[01:10:12 AM] Creepy Night: juz dun freak mi out 1st lor
[01:10:13 AM] Creepy Night: lolx
[01:10:26 AM] Creepy Night: maybe gently slwoly whipser 1st

[01:10:33 AM] - - 28: but if i go look for u i'd go look for u when u alone
[01:10:46 AM] - - 28: how not to surprise u?

[01:10:52 AM] Creepy Night: whisper?
[01:11:03 AM] Creepy Night: gentle one

[01:11:09 AM] - - 28: jinwei~
[01:11:25 AM] - - 28: should i show my body first or my voice first?

[01:11:30 AM] Creepy Night: maybe jinwei, joan here
[01:11:39 AM] Creepy Night: er.. voice bah
[01:11:48 AM] Creepy Night: then slowly appear lor

[01:11:55 AM] - - 28: okie...

[01:12:00 AM] Creepy Night: dun appear right in the face hor
[01:12:06 AM] Creepy Night: stand a distance 1st hor
[01:12:11 AM] Creepy Night: lolx

[01:12:26 AM] - - 28: u have ur own room right?

[01:12:30 AM] Creepy Night: yupz

[01:12:31 AM] - - 28: how big is your room?

[01:12:45 AM] Creepy Night: quite small actually
[01:13:04 AM] Creepy Night: slightly bigger than those pgp rooms lor
[01:13:08 AM] Creepy Night: er..
[01:13:26 AM] Creepy Night: abt twice the size..
[01:13:27 AM] Creepy Night: lolx

[01:13:40 AM] - - 28: i try stand at the other end of the room
[01:13:44 AM] - - 28: but then hor...
[01:14:03 AM] - - 28: what if i look like the image of me when i died?
[01:14:11 AM] - - 28: then not very nice a sight
[01:14:17 AM] - - 28: but i'm still the normal joan
[01:14:22 AM] - - 28: will u freak out anot?

[01:15:26 AM] Creepy Night: if u whisper and said jinwei, joan here and explain abit think i wun bah
[01:15:51 AM] Creepy Night: tats wad i think lah
[01:15:54 AM] Creepy Night: but then who knows


[01:20:28 AM] Creepy Night: if u wanna visit someone
[01:20:48 AM] Creepy Night: visit more impt ppl like ur family 1st bah

[01:21:35 AM] - - 28: well, i think spirits and ghosts only come back when there is unfinished business
[01:21:47 AM] - - 28: so if i come back it's also cos i have unfinished business
[01:21:50 AM] - - 28: then i'd need help

[01:22:36 AM] Creepy Night: mafan leh u , lolx always find mi, lolx
[01:22:46 AM] Creepy Night: can lah
[01:22:59 AM] Creepy Night: not stupid request can le
[01:23:02 AM] Creepy Night: lolx

[01:23:37 AM] - - 28: i come back find u ask u help me find songs and burn for me
[01:23:42 AM] - - 28: not burn as in burn cd
[01:23:53 AM] - - 28: but burn as in burn in the fire
[01:23:55 AM] - - 28: wait...

[01:23:57 AM] Creepy Night: ...

[01:24:02 AM] - - 28: u christian hor?

[01:24:03 AM] Creepy Night: since when r u a taoist

[01:24:06 AM] - - 28: how u give offerings?

[01:24:13 AM] Creepy Night: err...
[01:24:15 AM] Creepy Night: i dunno
[01:24:16 AM] Creepy Night: lolx
[01:24:37 AM] Creepy Night: i think juz put at the grave leh

[01:24:49 AM] - - 28: i no grave
[01:24:53 AM] - - 28: i'll be burnt

[01:24:55 AM] Creepy Night: oh yar hor

[01:24:56 AM] - - 28: cremated

[01:25:02 AM] Creepy Night: er....
[01:25:04 AM] Creepy Night: er...


[01:30:37 AM] Creepy Night: arghh, no more this topic liaoz
[01:30:47 AM] Creepy Night: later then tonite cannot slpz.. lolx

[01:31:09 AM] - - 28: okokok...
[01:31:23 AM] - - 28: maybe if tonight u see me means i dieded liao le

[01:31:24 AM] Creepy Night: wad time isit in germany?
[01:31:30 AM] Creepy Night: choy
[01:31:33 AM] Creepy Night: (=P)
[01:31:40 AM] Creepy Night: dun do anything stupid hor

Yea... I think if I died, I'd go look for that friend to help me complete my unfinished business, after all, I don't have that many friends who can really help me in my unfinished business, or rather most would not even know what's going on. I won't visit my family, maybe I might, but I don't think I'd show myself to them. It's like me coming over to Germany, yes, I miss home, but I don't really want to see my family that badly. After all, the whole world can forget you but not your family. I know even if I am away for twenty, thirty years, and when I return, my family will still remember me, and will still welcome me back to their arms. I am always their family. But it's not the same for friends. You will forget them, you will make new friends and forget the old, after all there are no obligatory ties for you to remember them.

Today's not a very good day for me. And the next couple of days, I'm predicting myself to be very emo. And on top of all of that, I'm procrastinating doing my homework. I'm basically just damn screwed. And I haven't planned my timetable yet. Needing to do three GEMs and the GEM module page is not out yet, I'm damn pissed. hai...

I miss Singapore. I miss the people back at home. I miss...

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hnag in there!! u're gg to come back soon..!!