Thursday, August 31, 2006

James and Joakim Gomez

I was online chatting with a couple of kids when someone suddenly brought up the topic of Singapore Idol. Since the television was switched on, I flopped over to the television to catch the results.

I reached the telly just into to see a couple of snippets of clips of Joakim. My sis saw it too and commented, "So byebye James!". Who the heck is James? (I know I love the name James, but I didn't understand why my sister said James.) "Isn't he Joakim?" I asked very very surprised. I thought my sister was more into Singapore Idol than me. Well, anyone would be more into Singapore Idol than me very easily since I don't have any interest in stupid competitions on teevee that suck money out from the viewers from telephone voting.

After that, I didn't remember anything much about the incident until I started talking to my sister about Singapore Idol again. She was reading 8 Days, there was this so called "open letter" calling people not to vote for Joakim, so I mentioned to my sister that I didn't think that sort of media manipulation of the fans' votings is very ethical. After some talks with her, she brought up the name "James" once again. And once again, I gave her that quizical look.

My sis then turned the pages of the magazine to the Singapore Idol column and traced down to his name "Joakim Gomez". Mumbling "Joakim Gomez", she suddenly exclaimed, "No wonder!"

"James Gomez!"

OMG... That person who uttered those words is my sister. It's snowing~ diaoz...

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