Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wubai's Concert

It's quite misleading to title this as Wubai's concert since there were extras like Zhang Zhenyue and MC Hotdog, but anyway, I was there for one sole purpose, WUBAI.

I went with Peiyi. We met at Parkway for lunch instead of eating at Expo, and it turned out to be a very good decision because Expo was packed filled with lots and lots of people. There was the Comex thingie, some stupid computer fair and of course that stupid church holding its services there. I really don't understand why after so many computer fairs, people are still flocking to more computer fairs. And I don't understand the mentality of devout Christians too. All of those people just filled up the whole place making us concert goers having to squeeze with them. Kanasai...

We had many options to get to Expo from parkway, but we finally decided that the easiest way to get in is to take MRT, hence we took 31 to Tanah Merah MRT station. Taking a bus to Bedok would only increase our MRT fare and because we're on bus pass so we need to take less MRT as possible.

The concert hall itself was not very big, but still, from a distance you can't really see the face of the singer, unless you look att he big screens. I was sitting at the very front 4th row, so I manged to see close up, big big, my idol's face. I was so close to him that I could feel him looking so shuai just like that. Oh my God... I'm so in bliss. I'll rant on later, I'll start with the beginning of the concert.

Like all other concerts, it started late. I also have yet mentioned, this was supposed to be a joint concert, joint with Zhang Zhenyue. Zhange Zhenyue came out quite suddenly and took the stage. He didn't talk much, he jusr sang, sang his godknowswhat songs. And I was bored. To me, Zhang Zhenyue was only a stage warmer. bah~ There was this group of fans who stood up the entire period Zhang Zhenyue sang, but they were the only ones who stood.

When MC Hotdog took the stage, more people stood up. Later when Wubai came on, about 70% of the audience were standing up. I guess we know who the bulk og the concert-goers were there for. hohohohohoho~

Anyway, I was bored.

The thing I didn't really understand about Zhang Zhenyue was that he never introduced his band to the audience. Maybe I'm used to Wubai's style, he always introduces his band members individually. Zhang Zhenyue didn't even introduce his band as a whole. At the end of the concert, the encore, when everyone took the stage and sang a group song, Wubai was the one who credited Free 9. Well, I think the band plays a very important part, crediting them is natural, so I don't really understand why Zhang Zhenyue did not take the time to introduce his band members.

The whole MC Hotdog thingie was also quite incomprehensible. First, I don't even know who he is. Second he claimed that some song everyone should know how to sing and sing it together when I never even heard of the song before. I think I have a very big and serious generation gap from the youngsters nowadays. wahaha~

The main highlight, the only highlight, the whole idea of the concert, the whole point of me getting the 4th row seats in the middle bloc, is W U B A I. period.

After Zhang Zhenyue left the stage, the chants for Wubai started. wahahaha~ Then Damao (Big Cat) came out. He was dressed in an all black ensemble, and with his trademark sunglasses. I don't think I ever remember seeing Damao's eyes before. hehehe~ Damao came out with a laptop, a bit weird. Then he started playing the keyboards. AND THEN AND THEN WUBAI HIMSELF APPEARED!!! He was wearing all black too~ But with some silver crystals decorated. His hair looked no nicely blown. It's a bit longer than the last time I got to see him, maybe it's the fringe that was longer, but anyway, he's so damn shuai.

After the first song, the rest of the band came out, they were all in black, Hsiaochu (Ken), the bassist, had sunglasses too~ I wonder if they can actually see anything in those sunglasses, but I think the stage lighting is strong enough. hehehe~ Dino, the drummer, was right at the back and the cymbals blocked his face from my view, quite a pity.

I stood throughout the entire time Wubai sang. And sang along to almost every song. The only songs which I could sing were 《背叛》, the only Chinese song, and a smattering other Hokkien songs. The only Hokkien song I could sing along was 《世界第一等》. The repitore was quite standard, the usual songs that you expect to hear from him you've heard it, so I was quite satisfied. Still, it would be loads better if it was a solo concert and with those irritants that warmed the stage.

During the concert, Wubai said that the songs he didn't expect people to like became classics, the songs that he wanted to become classics, were forgotten by people. He pointed out 《浪人情歌》 and 《白鸽》. Personally, I think it's because people prefer to remember sad songs to encouraging ones. But 《白鸽》is a personal favourite of mine. It's because of it that made me fall in love with Wubai. I like Wubai since all his sad songs like 《浪人情歌》, but I wasn't in love with him. I wasn't a rabid fangirl, groupie of his. But after 《白鸽》, I was evangelised. I first saw the MTV, and I was drawn to the tune of it, also the lyrics was very well written, very encouraging, very nice picture of the future painted, but sung in a very weathered tone.

Remember this picture?

I used it when I wrote this entry, and I often use it as my MSN picture. It's the promotional picture for 《白鸽》, that thing in his hands if you can see clearly, is a white dove. hehehe~










In all, it was really a very satisfying night even though I stood throughout and held my placard throughout. I think I was the only one who brought a placard~ While making the placard, I realised that my art is terrible. Terrible, like in REALLY VERY BAD. In the end, Peiyi drew out the letterings for me. I cut out the pieces, but Peiyi was disdainful of my cuttings. I hope Wubai saw my placard, and I hope he appreciated it~

*sigh* I so want to marry him~

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