Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Subway's Doubletake

I thought the first time was something I'd overlooked, maybe I'd seen wrongly. After all, nothing went wrong the second time, but sad to say, third time as with the first time, I'm sure there's something wrong. Either wrong with me, or wrong with the stupid Subway staff.

The first time, some time back, I visited Subway in NUS for the very first time. It might be because it was night, I was in some pretty clothes and carry a handbag bag. I ordered my food and went to the counter, and the person there asked for my student card. If I hadn't remembered wrongly, that cashier hadn't asked ANY one before me to show him their student card, so why me? At first I thought I remembered wrongly and he did asked everyone to show him their student card. Or maybe, it was my dressing, or my bag. I clearly did not look like a student. I treated that first experience as a fluke.

The second time at Subway, I did not carry a bag, just my wallet. Actually I was merely buying food for a friend, not even for myself. The person merely asked if I was a student and didn't ask for my card. I thought maybe it was just that first staff being more stingent, or maybe that person just didn't like the look of me. bah~

Just about half and hour ago, I went to Subway in NUS for the third time.

That stupid worker asked for my card after asking if I were a student! What crap?!! There I was, clearly in my school clothes, except that I had a shawl draped around me, carry my sturdy adidas bag with lots of stuff inside, and that crap asked for my student card.

Not just that that made me angry, what made me so darn angry was that three people I noticed before me holding my turn up were not asked for their student cards. What big crap?!! Clearly this is an act of discrimination. If not, then I've no idea what to say regarding that prick of a cashier. If she asked everyone before me and me, fine. But if she hadn't ask those people before me, then why me? Why me alone? It's not fair.

hai... Nothing is fair. darn... But it's clearly discrimination. And this is the sort of discrimination that she and other staff are able to get away with. hai...

Or maybe it's just me. Despite what some cute freshies think, I still appear to look old, more like staff or guests than student. hai... Why am I still lying to myself that I'm forever 20 years old?

If you guys are observant enough, you'd notice that I'd removed my age at the side column. I'm slowly trying to erase all signs online of my actual age and claim I'm 20 years old not matter how much time has passed. Every year I shall celebrate my 20th birthday. hai... The first sign of aging women is when they start falsifying their ages. Yes, that's me.

It's sad, but I guess it's hu(wo)man nature.

Really, I'd give anything to be able to celebrate my 20th birthday every year. Even after when I reincarnate, or the chance to live life again, I want to be 20 every year. Skip the baby ages and the children and the teen ages and head straight into the 20 year old more than a girl but not really a woman age. And stay that age forever till I pass away.

When I was 20, I was of the perfect size, living the nice and relaxing kind of life I'd always wanted. Although I had some pretty bad patches, but it was all worth it through the aging process. I was matured. I knew things. I was in between the innocent years and the seen through everything experience. Oh man...

If only, I could turn back time. If only, I can live like this forever. If only...

I can sort of foresee myself that instead of seeing myself growing old and fat and ugly, I'd do a hana-kiri, not the act but the idea. If I were a flower, I'd want myself to be plucked out and destroyed completely before I whither and wrinkle. People won't be able to remember any ugly details of me, just me at my prettiest. If it's possible, it'd be great if I were plucked from the stem and air dried, then I can remain at my glory forever.


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