Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Freshies Are Cute

It's a big change from just last month when I'd blog before I sleep, now I'd blog after I wake up... ah~ Anyway, I've two things to blog about today, the first being the Welcome Tea I had last night, and the second will follow in the next blog post.

Last night I went for a Welcome Tea. I don't know, but it seems that as people grow older, less would appear for such events. Maybe they are busy. But I still have so much free time on my hands that it sometimes, most of the times scare me out. With that much free time, and that much love for my club, and the chance to eat free food, and the fun to act as a freshie, I went down for the Welcome Tea. I would have wanted to help out with the preparation of food, but I had classes before and I think I'm lazy would sound appropriate here.

My lessons ended at 5pm, the Welcome Tea was at about 6pm, but I didn't want to go at 6pm on the dot, a bit paiseh... So I hanged around and met the Chinese Drama people. I helped them out for a while until the stifling environment was unbearable the I just had to leave. The Staff Club is an interesting place which I've never been in before. The receptionist was on the phone, and the place was filled with a certain nationality of people. erm... The toilets were difficult to find, so was the Aquarius Room.

I'm always amazed by the abilities of the year 2 juniors who are able to recognise me. Because I'm bad at recognition, I don't remember more than 2/3 of the year 2 batch. Even the management committee. I can even mispronounce Liang Guo's name. But the thing that never fails to amaze me is the sheer number of people whom I have no recollection of, can remember me. I thought I was a low key enough senior who don't really talk much to the juniors (yes, I have low social skills), but when I first walked into the Aquarius Room and sttod at the counter, looking at somebody whom I don't know, he looked surprised and asked why I was there. Even with my lame "I'm a freshie" he just saw though me. But it was a good thing I was there last night as I got to know the juniors, freshies and year 2s much better.

I met Timothy there. That stupid guy really thought that I joined the club only in my third year. But also damn kanasai because in him being there, I didn't dare to label myself as a freshie. Instead, I just conveniently left out introducing my year to everyone else. And I joined in with the freshies and played games~ It's been so long since I played stupid games like this. Okay, it's not stupid, it's interactive, and it makes you remember other people's names. Which would be very useful to me, I hope. lol~

Tim was mentioning to me about the great mix of nationalities of people in the club. I guess this is normal, in most clubs in NUS, there'd be lots of other people around, but I think at the end of the day, most of the committee roles will be filled up by the locals. After all, most organising and plannign of stuff are conducted during the holidays and many foreigners would put going back home a higher priority than organising stuff for club. Of course, there'd be still some plucky people who are willing to do so, and it's really commendable of them, but they are also those who would assimilate into the local culture. hmm... Interesting phenomenom, I guess...

Now on to the main point of cute freshies. After the games, there was the food and interaction part of the Welcome Tea. Seniors and juniors can mingle over food and drinks and dessert. Because I lack of social skills, I used the time to catch up with the old friends of mine. It's nice to talk to those people after being away for so long. And good luck to Stephanie for you exchange programme~ Again, back to where I was trying to head at. A cute freshie. I met this really cute freshie who, get ready for this, said she thought I was a freshie!!! wahaha~ Really nursed my ego for me~ But when the other oldies heard this, all of them game me the diaoz face. And when I told my daddie this after I got home, he made a fake vomit. bah~ I worked so hard to act like a freshie all over again and everyone else just puts me down. lol~

I guess, well, I'm reaching an age when from now on, my age will be a secret. I'll be 21 every year, wait, I think 20 every year is better, then I every year underage. Okay, next year I shall celebrate my 20th year old birthday. This settles. hai... Unlike men, women don't mature with age, women lose shelf life, women lose stock value, women wither and die. And the worse thing is that women have a higher life expectancy than men. It's just now fair that we have to be old and ugly for a longer time than the men.

Another booboo that cute freshie made than made my face drop was this. We and Stanley were talking when Stanley had nothing better to do and he started to irritate me. He brought a cup filled with dessert and pushed them near me, making me have to siam that cup if not it'd get splattered all over me. And as I was trying to ignore him as far as possible, Kelly, the cute freshie asked, "Are the two of you together?" omg... This reminds me of the old funny Tv talk show, Kids Say the Darnest Things. hehehe~

Speaking of Stanley, last night Kelly brought up the issue of where we stay. I still can't remember where Stanley stays even though we went there two years, one and half years ago for Chinese New Year. This is bad. I remember Junming stays in Hougang near IMH there, but I can't remember where everyone else stays. Okay, Yingyan stays in Eunos there... Yueling stays near Stanley, but where doesn Yueling stays? bah~ My memory's getting really bad.

Next up will be Training Camp. Training Camp's on 2 and 3 September. Wubai's concert is on 2 September. By right, I can go for the camp in the morning, excuse myself at about 3 or 4pm, go home bathe, then meet Peiyi, but but but... I need to make the placard. I need to preserve my voice. I need to be pretty pretty yet wear cooling clothes to be my best at the concert. wahahaha~ Joan the fangirl~ Joan the groupie~ Joan never so crazy for anyone else~ Joan turns her nose at disgust over the Singapore Idol fangirls, is now becoming a fangirl herself.

In the Welcome Tea there was this girl who self declared that she loves Jay Chou, immediately I wrinkled my nose. I can never fathom why people can like those immatured pop idols prancing on the stage. Then I realised that this was just simply a case of generation gap. Just as my grandmother would go for a Gao Lingfeng concert, I go to my Wubai's and people like my sister will head off to Hong Junyang's. I'll just have to accept the fact that I'm old already. hai...

erm... Back to Training Camp. I really want to go for the camp leh... All the freshies like so cute like that. bah~ I'll need to plan my time again to see how ba, I guess.

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