Thursday, August 17, 2006


So much so in coming back to the once familiar land, everything has changed. After every long trip I make, I lose something, last year was so, this is no different. Why is it that it's only me who always remain static?

In feeling this loss, instead of sinking into depression like I had last year, I'm feeling this whole sense of loss and emptiness. Unlike last year, I've no pillar of support this year. To where I'm heading, I've absolutely no idea. To fill the gap of loss, I need to busy myself. Every moment I have alone with nothing to do, will only make things worse for me. I cannot let myself stop, or even slow down the pace, but there's nothing for me to make me carry on.

Calling all friends out there, if you still have a bit of sympathy for this fallen girl, just ask me out. Ask me out for food, movies, ktv, shopping, or anything with at least some entertainment value. I just need anything to force myself to move on. I need to pick up all the pieces of broken promises. Picked one up the other day already, so many more to slowly pick them all up.

Maybe it was fate who broke those promises you'd made, but I still want to blame you, or her, can I?

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