Friday, August 18, 2006

The Reply

I sent out an SMS before I slept last night. I've been starting to sleep early and waking up early lately, so actually the SMS wasn't sent out that late. Anyway, I thought maybe that would mark almost as a closure, something that I've always been against.

This morning, to my pleasant surprise, I found two replies to that message. I hadn't expected a reply. And even if I did expect a reply, I thought it would be one of trademark coldness and indifference. Well, the messages did reveal a little bit of warmth that lit up my day. Maybe... No, I can't think anymore maybe. I did that, so I'll have to stick with it.

I wondered if I should reply, and typed some words preparing to reply, but at the very last second, I pressed the red button. Oh well... It's better that way. If I can reply this once, and receive another reply, and I send out another reply, there would be no end to things. After I get out of my rough patch 2.0, I'll reply then. Meanwhile, take care.


Hermit said...

my mind wasn't as strong as yours.

xin|i said...

jia you.. =)