Saturday, August 19, 2006

It'd Happened Again

Remember, the last Saturday I spent in Freiburg? Well, another similar thing happened again last night. At least, I know I feel much better now, thanks to those guys who found me last night.

Yesterday, I met Cindy for tea after her lessons. It's at her ex-colleague's cafe. Maybe I'll take about that another time, or maybe I won't talk about it, since it's not the main point of focus here, and I really want to be more concise and stop digressing in my blog. I know my blog's getting too long lately. Anyway, I parted with Cindy at about 5.20pm. She wanted to go home, but I still didn't want to leave. I ended up loitering a bit.

I wandered into 7-11 at CityLink Mall to get a drink, but what caught my eye was Ouran High Host Club Volume 2. I had wanted to buy the whole set in Kinokuniya some time ago, but they didn't have volume 2, so I didn't buy it. I didn't want to have an incomplete set. I bought that volume on impulse even though I still have yet bought volume 1. Then deciding that I should immediately get volume 1, I ran off to Takashimaya's Kinokuniya. But they only had volume 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. SO I bought those, I went to place an order for volume 1. After some negotiations and discussions, the store assistant decided to call up Bugis' Kinokuniya to ask if they had stock for volume 1. I thought calling up all branches was the first thing she should have done. baka~ Anyway, Bugis did have it, so I made the reservation and rushed down to Bugis.

After I got all my stuff, I prepared to leave Bugis. Just as I was walking out of Bugis, I heard a voice calling out "Hey Joan! You are back already!" Shawn Ho. I turned around surprised and saw not only him but also Tecko. After a bit of chatting, Shawn asked me to guess who they were waiting for. Always late one, name has three letters. Not that difficult for me to come up with T I M, isn't it? lol~ Clemence was there too, it's either I have no idea how he looked like even though I've heard him being mentioned always among the guys, or he looks different now. They were there to have dinner with Liting before she leaves for Sweden. cool~

What was good was that I joined them for dinner. It's really nice to meet those friends from way before and talk about things from way before to present. The guys are all in SMU doing Economics, Tim's in NUS. erm... That means that there's a chance of me bumping into him somewhere sometime. erm... He's doing German too, but German 1, so I guess when we have Stammtisch, he might go.

So, was it a coincidence, or an inevitable happening occuring, or just a result of my choice in following the Ouran trail? Either way, I'm glad.

Good luck, Liting~ Have fun there!

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