Monday, August 21, 2006

What I'm Busying Myself With

I'm not a busy person, in fact, I've more time on my hands than I need. Usually, in those periods, I'd be blogging more frequently and have lengthier posts, but recently, I haven't been blogging that much. I guess it's a something to do with rough patch 2.0. I stopped blogging about intimate details of my life because of self censorship. I stopping blogging dumb food or outing posts laden with pictures because it's dumb. I stopped writing because I'm afraid of being too emotionally naked or some people stealing my ideas. As such, I'm starting to produce crap blog entries.

If friends have noticed, I'm less often online lately too. The main reason being I've been sleeping early recently. I've been sleeping at about 11-12 at night recently, no later than midnight. I've also been waking up early too. about 7-9 in the morning depending on what time is my lessons, but usually I'm wide awake naturally by 8.20am. Well then, no more nighttime onlining for me.

Also, I've been re-reading my whole collection of Detective Conan manga, all 1-54 volumes. That have been occupying all my time. After finishing Detective Conan (I'm at volume 54 now), I'll read Ouran High School Host Club (I've bought it but not opened them yet), and followed by Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicles (I've read 1-12, bought 13, and 14, but will read them all 1-14 in sequence to see what I've previously missed out and compare it with the anime which I've already watched on youtube), Full Metal Alchemist (read 1-4, bought but not read 5 and 6, will read them all again). Then I'll continue with my scanlations, with xxxholic (I've finished volume 3, will have to complete them all soon), and will start on scanlations which I haven't read yet, one of them is Gakuen Alice, and this Hockey Club manga I don't know the English title of, but I read on the forum is quite funny.

Speaking of Gakuen Alice, I watched the entire anime series of it on youtube, all 26 episodes, but 1-16 was English subbed and 17-26 was Chinese subbed. I was scrolling around Wikipedia and read the synopsis, thought it was pretty interesting despite the characters being stupid dumb 10-year-olds. The anime turned out to be funny and nice, but many questions left unanswered, so I'll be reading the scanlations once I've cleared the whole lot of manga I'm currently reading.

Some time in between I hope to write another piece of fanfiction on my current obsession Akai Shuichi whom I call fondly call Shu. It will not be about 16-page piece, but a more decent short story. I'm still deciding if I should do a Shiho (Sherry) or Akemi piece. James said his girlfriend died, so it might be Akemi, but I don't know leh... Also, it might be probably if Sherry likes Conan/Shinichi, but I don't know leh... Or maybe I'll write a ShinichiXKaito piece. bah~

All these and I still got my halfwritten Scarlet Flight somewhere. And if I want to get my book published, I'll need to compile my whole series for Prozac Nation. And, another and, I've so many ands, I recently was thinking about something else for a discussion, and remembered that I once plotted an outline of a story titled "Gina". I think Gina is a story that follows the Joan style of writing, and it'd make a great novel after I manage to complete Scarlet Flight. I must go dig out my manuscript of the outline of Gina. And if I remember correctly, I wrote a poem for Gina too, must go dig that out. I must talk more about Gina another day. And maybe if I'm happy, I should put up some excerpts of Scarlet Flight soon. bah~ I think I should get my butt cracking and actually complete Scarlet Flight. That's me the juggler again, with so many balls and just two hands.

Anyway, I just hope whatever I'm doing will help me to pull through rough patch 2.0. Rest assured, once I'm rested, I'll be back in my usual state.

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dumb food or outing posts laden with pictures....

me? *smack joan*