Sunday, September 10, 2006

4 Weeks of School

The 4th week of school has now reached an end. I've attended every lecture and tutorial at least once, and some even up to four times. I think it's now the right time for me to comment about school now that I've seen everything I need to see for this whole semester.

However, before I can go into my this semester's classes, I need to say that I still have two papers to complete and send over to Germany before I can officially say that my exchange programme, my fourth semester in NUS, I'm a third year student. One of the paper is a short paper, so I needn't have to worry so much about it, but the long paper is sort of scaring me out now, since I'm coupled with the other papers my modules this semester expects of me. Wish me luck with them. I think I'll talk about workhouses or the second industrial revolution in the short paper and about the British Empire in the long paper.

Okay, to start on my this semester of modules proper.

CS1105 Computing and Society
My breadth.

I think the whole notion of breadths sucks, but oh well, since I've to take it, this sounds pretty much an easy thing to cope with, I thought. But it turned out that this is a project heavy module and very CA slanted. Other than the group project and normal attendence and discussion assessments, there's a case study thingie and a blog. yea... I've to blog on this online portal thingie. I'll carry over the blog entries from there over here and weave them inside my blog on a later date, but I'll put up the links for easy access, but I think I'll do that at the end of the semester.

Until now, I don't really have much problems with the lecture, although there's this supplementary lecture that's supposed to help us understand what is the internet which I don't understand, but since it's not graded, it doesn't really matter if I understand or not. One of my personal pet peeve regarding the lecture is that the lecturer is trying to speak English as well as he could. yea... The problem here is that his English isn't that good. Take "gotton" for example, omg... That's like primary school mistake. Okay, I'm the one who had foreign lecturers for most if not all of my previous four semesters, apparently, according to some people in the far side of the School of Computing says that this is already pretty good English.

The thing I don't really understand of SOC is that the people there, people as in Singaporeans there, speak predominantly Chinese. It's really weird to hang around the corridor and hear people speaking in Chinese. I mean, I do speak Chinese sometimes to my close friends in Arts, but usually the atmosphere in Arts is English speaking. And another thing, there are heaps of PRCs and Indians, heaps of them previously not seen in Arts Faculty, for the most obvious reason of language barrier, but since SOC has such a low standard of English, thos folks over there are just infiltrating and taking over the whole SOC. wahaha~

My tutor for Computing and Society is also a PRC, but she's pretty. Oh man... She's really pretty, a cute face with strong facial bone structure, long permed hair, and she's thin. But she doesn't really teach that well, most of the time she loses control of the class because we get too fast with her with our English, and couple with a couple of Arts students in the class, during arguments, I think she just can't keep up. This is one thing which I think looks pays a very important factor. If she weren't good looking, people would despise her, but since she's good looking, people tend to be softer on her, not just her, but people in general usually favour the good looking people unless the good looking people are proud and invite jealousy, but that's a different story.

My project group for this module is a very interesting group. Since I joined this module alone, I decided to just ask the people sitting closest to me during the tutorial if they wanted to do project with me. It turned out to be some sort of a mistake because we later realised that the three of us were, one thing, all girls, another all bad with computers, and most importantly all arts students. hehehe~ This is my personal stereotyping of arts girls, we're all pretty bad with computers and technology and very cannot make it. Luckily for us, the two guys behind us needed to split into different groups and very luckily, we've got the computing major guy. wahaha~ cool right? I think the project will go well.

I think I'll blog in that portal thingie tonight after I've completed with this entry, rested enough, and done some work for my two papers for my German lecturer.

GEK2005 Introduction to Urban Planning

This is a Building and Real Estate module, but considered as an Arts GEM, but since it's outside faculty, can SU it. I don't know if it was a mistake to take it, but until now it seems like a module that's easy to cope with. There's a short essay and a group project and some what nots but the lectures are easy to understand, sort of like secondary school human geography like that. The tutorials aren't that bad either since it's a big class and a lot of people talk and I can just weave my way in the class. And since I will SU it, I don't really need to put in that much effort. I mean I'd be damn pissed if I SUed something which I could have got like anything more than a B+, so my target is to score as low a pass mark as possible. hahaha~

The lecturer for this module is a PRC. I think he looks like a construction worker, maybe not a construction worker, but maybe the overseer for construction project, whatever you call those people, those wear white hats ones. I think it's the clothes he wear and his rugged looks. I don't know how most BRE or Archi or SDE people look like, but I don't really think it's that bad a comment to say that they look like they work in a construction site since after all they will be working at construction sites, but definitely not as construction workers, that why we still need our Banglas.

There's one thing I need to complain about though, the classrooms we use for tutorials for this module is in a horrible godforsaken room. The room has not windows, only four walls and two door, so the air as you can imagine, is very very bad. Then the worst thing is that the air conditioning is very strong and every tutorial sees us being frozen by the air conditioning. So this is how the school is wasting our money, on needless temperatures of the air conditioning. Really, I can imagine just how much the school can save if they turn up the air conditioning by just one mere degree celsius lor. kauz...

HY2217 War and Society
A UE. But I did it not because I need UEs, I did it only because it's a Farrell module. lol~ nah... All along I knew this was one module I wanted to do.

Like all Farrell modules, there will be two write ups and one group project on top of the usual forum discussions and stuff. I've thought of a great topic I could do for my research topic, but I need the green light from the master first before I can start on it, but with last night's draw with Boro, not so sure if the master's in a good mood to grant green lights. lol~ I think Farrell's the only person who can periodically diss Chelsea and support Arsenal and still receive my continued praises. Most other people would have a red handprint on their faces already. wahaha~

I don't really know what to say about this module other than it's a very typical Farrell module, so if you've taken Farrell before, you'd understand what I'm talking about, but if you've not, then you should try doing one next semester. But of course, do not attempt to do a Farrell module when you are in your first year first semester. I don't understand how can freshies do Farrell's module and not get traumatised by him. lol~

The other day, Prof Farrell had this inspection, and I guess the only person bigger than Prof Farrell (who's the deputy head of department) was the head of department, Prof Ian Gordon. I think it's the inspection period because Frau Niemann also had an inspection, it was conducted by Prof Turner, my European Studies conveynor. Prof Turner is British, but he speaks German because he was there for a couple of year teaching. The funny thing was that after the inspection, Frau Niemann was talking about the dividing of the African states and that their borders all look so straight and distinct, she was like, "If you see a border which is straight in Africa, you'd know that somehow the British were involved with it." When we pointed to the empty seat where Prof Turner previous was, she was like "He's gone already." She's so cute.

And speaking of Farrell and Turner, I was talking to Siwei about the modules I was taking, while talking about Prof Farrell, he asked if he was Will Farrell. erm... "You watching to many movies already ah?" I asked. Well, at least he didn't ask if he was Colin Farrell. Then when mentioned that Prof Turner was sitting in today's class, he asked if he was Will Turner. OMG... I was like, "Siwei, You're watching like too many films already lor." hmm... I didn't realise that they shared the same family name until Siwei mentioned it. lol~ And by the way, the actor Will Ferrell is spelt like this (I think).

I think I've once again successfully went so off course that I don't know where I am now. Okay...

TS2238 Singapore Film: Performance of Identity
Another UE which I was cheated of taking. Those people said we could do together, so that we could do project together, later pang seh me because my timetable didn't allow us to do the same tutorial. sucks... Feel so damn cheated of this.

I usually don't take modules with me, but I thought this would be an exception. Really, if I knew that I'd end up being alone for this module, I'd have probably done it next semester or something with some other people or not do it at all since I heard that it's a module difficult to score and I don't need that to harm my cap. The worst thing that not only am I stranded to do the project myself, all those people are starting to skip lectures leaving me not only stranded in tutorials but lectures too. I think it's best if I had just planned my own timetable right from the beginning.

Granted, Singapore Film is a very interesting module that makes me reflect on my writings. The whole notion of giving films the tag "Singapore" and with regard to the idea of "Singaporean" is not just in films but can also be put to other aspects, like my writings for one. Also, if I can put my writings to film, what would I tag them as, Singapore? Singaporean? hmm... Okay, in a sense, my writings are definitely not Singaporean since I'm not very good with Singaporean issues since they don't bother me. Rise in prices is prevalent in every society not just Singapore, rise in COE prices don't affect me, in fact COE prices are dropping because ERP is rising, and ERP doesn't affect me. My writings is about people unhappy with their relationships, not about socio-economic issues. My writings is about love and relationships which can take place not just in Singapore, but anywhere else in the world. But what makes it a piece of Singapore writing? I'd say me. bah~ I wrote it, so I've all the right to call it whatever I want. I can remove the setting to some lonely street in Taipei and I shall still call it a piece of Singapore writing. My protagonist can me an American and I can still call it a piece of Singapore writing.

Actually, I do have a story about an American, but only the plot and outline and a poem relating to the story. I forgot all about this piece of writing after leaving it in the back of a dusty cupboard until during on lecture when we started the whole notion of foreigners and stuff, then I went, hey, I've written something like that before what. It's titled "Gina", it's about the story of a young American professional coming to Singapore (Or anywhere in the Far East, Singapore is convenient because I didn't want my protagonist to have any communication barriers, and it seemed like Singapore was the only place he could fit in. Malaysia is possible too, but because of the second protagonist have to be a migrant worker, hence the second protagonist has to be Malaysian and hence the story has to take place in Singapore.), it's still a Singapore writing because I wrote it. Oh well...

It's really great to talk about such stuff so I know about myself better. Tutorials until now is not that bad, just that the bulk of the class are quite stereotypical students doing TS. The way they talk and dress, is so different from the usual bunch of Farrell groupies. For one, most of Farrell's groupies are guys. lol~ Anyway, my project group is well, I hope I'll do well with them, but the fact that none of them is TS major, might well be a tad disappointing. Really, no thanks to the people who all pang seh me. yea... I guess I'm bitter, but can you blame me?

Oh, and another thing, Dr Edna Lim is very pretty and very small. I think she's about half my size, I feel so giant and so fat beside her. lol~ But her Singapore accent is quite strong. I think she can speak well, but that she's doing Singapore Film, the accent comes in quite useful. the difference about her and the other Singaporean lecturer I have is that unlike him, she isn't trying to conceal her accent, and it turns out easier to understand and comprehend and very much more natural. And she doesn't make the elementary mistakes the other lecturer made. lol~

LAG4201 German 5
I'm putting as my major module.

People don't understand me when I say that I can use these European Language modules as my major modules to fulfill my major requirements. But it's fine with me as long as I know that I can graduate. Actually I hadn't wanted to do this but I didn't have other choices of EU modules, so I ended up doing it. It's great to see all the same faces and a couple of new faces~

It's also great that German 5 doesn't seem that difficult or taxing as compared to German for Academic Purposes. Perhaps it's because that I've just came back from Germany too, so I'm more confident in my speech although my grammar still sucks. I hope I can really improve my German, continue speaking German and one day make full use of my this ability.

Actually there's nothing to talk about already, after so many modules of German, what else new can i think about the module and talk about it? hmm...

So I guess that's about the end of my modules this semester. ECAs wise, I think I'll only be doing one ECA since I've my duty slots all slated, though I think confirmation from my secretary for a swap. I think this semester hopefull be a more relaxing one for me.

Oh, and before I leave, I'm very touched that Prof Ian Gordon remembered my name. hehehe~ A friend (a quite mugger student) was saying that it's nothing worth mentioning because all his profs remember his name, but well, my argument is that I'm not a chao mugger, I'm just a mediocre student, so it's quite amazing (to me) that he remembers me. hehehe~


Siu Hang said...

oh my goodness, another Farrell mod!! But I must say I have learned a lot from his mod, things like "an opinion belongs to coffee shop"...

Agagooga said...

You must be kidding. Arts is filled with SACSALs.

And you can SU Arts GEMs. My friend did it.

Overseer - Foreman

Anonymous said...

haha FYI, CS1105 is easiest module in SoC. Nothing against your intelligence but it doesn't take much to follow the curriculum, even without attending a single lecture. Oh and by the way, unless you look any better than Patricis Mok, I think it's be wise not to comment on others' looks :)

Anonymous said...

coming fr an socian's point of view, i'd beg to differ from what u wrote in your're doing injustice by making a sweeping statement about SOC.Lecturers in FASS don't necessarily speak better english, just that many are expats who come from english speaking countries.

Also, just because you hang around a corridor doesn't mean that you hear the entire SOC cohort speaking Chinese. I speak English most of the time even after entering SOC. I don't feel that SOC has, quoting you, "SUCH A LOW STANDARD OF ENGLISH". SOC is made up of an estimated 50% foreign students. How many of the 50% local have you heard? Seeing as you make sweeping statements that are prejudiced towards a faculty you aren't even familiar with, I don't exactly find your English all that powerful, DESPITE erm..exactly how many sems in Arts? I thought you should have learnt long before that sweeping statements are inaccurate and wrong.

And don't discriminate foreigners. What is it about the teacher we have being prc BUT pretty?

No offence here, but I'd really appreciate if you kept your thoughts to yourself. You hear supposed friends telling you that SOC's standard of English is bad, but who knows, he/she might have made sweeping statements like you did and spread it everywhere to anyone who cared to listen. I'd appreciate that you do not spread such things around.

xxoos said...

hello anonymous~
i really wonder if you thought through before commenting because i really burst out laughing when i read what you wrote.

1. i know i'm ugly and i'm not fit to call other people ugly, but it's also precisely because i'm ugly that's why i'm envious of pretty people and i think i've every right to praise pretty people. all pretty people ought to be praised. btw, i wonder if u know that eric tsang (someone who's definitely worse looking than pat mok) emcees quite often for miss hong kong pagents and sometimes judges it too.

2. i'm not doing anybody injustice just from my writings. if you don't know, i do have a couple of soc friends and two senior whom i admire very much. one of them speaks better english and chinese than me.

3. as a student, i've the right to prefer a native english speaker as lecturer even thought i can't be granted my wish. everyone has the right to want something but not the right to have everything.

4. i never said that the entire soc corhot spoke chinese because for the very one fact that my main stereotypical soc student is either a prc or an indian. indians don't speak chinese.

5. that was a generalised statement mainly because of my stereotype soc student. as i said, my senior speaks excellent english and chinese. and i know he's not the only one.

6. i never said my english was good. just better than some (but not all) people

7. since you don't know me, i might as well let you know one fact of me. i incriminately discrimate people~ i know stereotyping and overgeneralising is inaccurate, i know that there are always exceptions, but i like to overgeneralise stuff. but of course, i do know of lots of exceptions. still, it's more convenient to stereotype.

8. why can't i have a pretty teacher? you sound like you discriminate pretty people... so much for calling someone discriminatory...

9. This is the ultimate funny bit. ultimate sia...
No offence here, but I'd really appreciate if you kept your thoughts to yourself. You hear supposed friends telling you that SOC's standard of English is bad, but who knows, he/she might have made sweeping statements like you did and spread it everywhere to anyone who cared to listen. I'd appreciate that you do not spread such things around.
i am keeping all my thoughts to myself. this is my blog, this is my extension of myself. i dont go around telling soc people that their english sucks because it doesn't. i'm not spreading any malicious remarks to anyone. i'm not forcing you to intrude into my thoughts or, you came into my blog of your own freewill and then you impose your thoughts on me and tell me to keep my thoughts to myself? the one bit i learnt from cs1105, "don't do to other what you don't want others to do to you".

despite having great friends in my cs1105 tutorial, and amazing seniors who happened to be in soc, i now can't help but stereotype soc even more, no thanks to you.

btw, the supposed friend is one of your counterpart. like that how ah?

Anonymous said...

Don't make sweeping statements again joan, for not all anonymous are one and the same. There may be 3 :)

Anonymous said...

hmm ok. u obviously demonstrate sweeping statements by assuming both anonymous are one and the same. i don't happen to have made that third comment

sigh. and i can see why you do say that your english is only better than some. for your point no. 8, i was referring to the fact you said your tutor "is a prc BUT she's pretty" and your use of But like the rest are supposed to be ugly. if you are really taking CS1105, you should also know, i guess, that it's about computer and society. Blogging is for the entire world to see. There's a reason why there's even a big hoo ha over censorship on the blogosphere. One should be responsible for his/her words. Now That, was what i meant. It is people like you who need to be censored. And I do understand Now why the Sg gov't doesn't want to give freedom of speech to its people. Imagine talking on a greater scale about the number of PRCs and Indians in Singapore. *tsk*

and, if you were to apply what you've learnt, if you yourself don't like to be stereotyped, don't stereotype others. isn't it?

i hope i don't end up stereotyping all joans i meet in the future for how they look. I didn't normally want to stoop to such low tactics. But when one can't make another see out to a wider scope, he/her just hopes to piss him/her off. If you get what I mean.

But then why do I even stoop low enough to talk to such a person? Goodbye. I won't reply again -End-

xxoos said...

ahh... so... now i understand, restricting freedom of speech means remaining anonymous...

and so, since i don't mind being stereotyped (i never said i hate being stereotyped) means i can go on stereotyping and overgeneralising and making sweeping statements for all i care~

blogging for the entire world to see is still a debatable subject, as i've learnt from my cs1105. as what i've just said, this is my blog, i'm not begging u to comment on it or reply me or even being here at all if u don't want to.

Anonymous said...

-->since after all they will be working at construction sites

Since when ALL of those building people work on construction sites?

Thats a sweeping statement. And seriously, read more. improve your general knowledge cos it's really shallow.

Anonymous said...

it's funny you say that you're not doing anybody injustice from your writings. you obviously don't know what sweeping statements are, do you? oh well, it's no wonder you can't follow cs1105 lectures. poor you.

anti-xxoos said...

Well you are not doing any single person an injustice however you are being injust to all. Therefore, this results in you being despised and maybe hated by everyone else.

Your comments show how little effort you put in to read up on issues and find out the truth before you actually make comments. This displays your immaturity and by stereotyping, it proves your discrimatory personality.

Well since you overgeneralise and stereotype, you make sweeping statements which implicates everyone but then you leave comments which prove you sweeping statement to be false as there are exception to the rule which you know of. That just goes to show that you are contraditory and just blurt out things on impulse. Is there a brain in that thick skull of yours? I can only infer from all your posts that there is none. Maybe just some liquid to fill up the space.

As you have only taken 1 SOC module from what i have read, you have little understanding of anything which is SOC.

As for your do not do onto other what you don't want others to do to you. Well you have already done things onto others so you are just getting back what you have done.

Keeping your thoughts to yourself means keeping it inside and not expressing it on a blog for the world to see. By publicising your comments by blogging you are providing us an avenue to impose our ideas and rebutt all your comments. We are not intruding as this is free speech, Live with it.

I have always had a good view of arts students but you have proved to be very disappointing and a letdown to people of the arts faculty of NUS.

xxoos said...

really, to whichever out there, if you really are anti-me, then might as well not scrutinise over every word i've said and take everything out of context. really, get a life.

to think a good friend was saying that all soc people are nice people. yea... he was overgeneralising again...

and yes, i'm stupid, i'm dumb, i'm ditzy, i'm brainless, i'm that stereotypical shallow arts bitch who rambles in my blog and build castles in nowhere just because i've too much time on my hands, so big deal. and yea... i'm fat and ugly too~

Agagooga said...

Aiyah you all nothing better to do lah

Anonymous said...

Do all girls in arts who know nothing about computers, are stupid, dumb and ditzy love to pose like i dont know what - ultraman or xu chun mei ?

No Life said...

--->Do all girls in arts who know nothing about computers, are stupid, dumb and ditzy love to pose like i dont know what - ultraman or xu chun mei ?

Oh, a simple question. The answer is: No.

Hope that helps. :) DUH

Bo Liao said...

And now answers to the next set of questions:
Q:I don't exactly find your English all that powerful, DESPITE erm..exactly how many sems in Arts?

A: 5 (I don't exactly find your math all that powerful in fact it sux)

Q:But then why do I even stoop low enough to talk to such a person?

A: Yar, why huh? Becoz you are already low enough.

If you yourself don't like to be stereotyped, don't stereotype others. isn't it?

If you don't like to be flamed, don't flame others.

ORLY OWL said...

Q:Is there a brain in that thick skull of yours?

A: Though she claim she is brainless but the answer is Yes, though whether the skull is thick or not i dunno le.