Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am Fat, and Yet Still Eating

Yesterday I was feeling quite down, actually, I've been feeling down for the longest time alreay, compounded with so many other reasons and stuff. I decided to head out loitering again after school yesterday, I could go down Kinokuniya and pick up my reserved books. Then I could get Jasmine's birthday present too. I gave my friend a call to see if he wanted to join me. He did. And thankfully, the night turned out for the better. As what I've always said, food makes one feel good~

Buffet at Sakura, with pictures.

But this is not a blow by blow description of a food review. Basically unless it's really good or really terrible, all the food went down me because I needed my comfort food. And this is not a picture blog in that I'll show you tons of my pictures. I didn't even take any picture of me yesterday, and since a very long time already. Just look at the amount of food and guage if I've eaten more than I've paid.

The dinner buffet was from 6-10pm with the food being displayed till 9.30pm. I was there from 6.11pm and stayed till 9.30pm, time wise, we've occupied the space for a maximum period of time. But of course, since it was a weekday, it wasn't full house, and there were still a couple of empty tables here and there at the peak period.

The trick to eating buffet, is to aim for the expensive stuff and only eat the good stuff. Going to a buffet to eat rice and pasta is a BIG BIG waste of money and stomach space. I didn't even bother touching the sushi pieces even though they had my favourite piece.

Okay, I better start with the blog proper. We sat at table 14. It was damn stupid, because the restaurant was empty at that time and table 14 is far away from the food, but it was a window seat, but the window view was sucky, a dirty canal and a car park. Disgusting.

We were talking about eating the expensive stuff first, so naturally we headed for the sashimi. I don't know why the sashimi, but it looked pretty expensive, and it was on the table closest to us.


After the sashimi, I headed for the prawns while my friend too lazy to peel prawns and didn't want to eat those I peeled, ate something else. I think I wasted a lot of time peeling prawns. If this was a buffet with time constraints, I think eating prawns is not worthwhile. I counted the number of prawns I peeled, 17 altogether. It's so ironic, I never peeled my prawns when I eat with the family or the extended family, never, but I'm still the girl who'd peel prawns for my man, that is if I've one... bah~

Cold prawns. They almost froze my fingers when I peeled them.

Then I went to order the cooked food. After eating all those cold stuff, it's time to eat some hot food. But since the order takes time to arrive, I scooped up a bowl of sharks' fin soup first. The soup was cold. The fins were those thick kind, might be fake I don't know, but it's definitely not those normal kind I'd eat in a restaurant, the finer ones which come in a cluster. But I think it's something to do with the way I scooped, I ended up with quite a lot of fins in my soup.

Sharks' fin soup.

While having the soup, my cooked food arrived. Previously I saw my friend having the salmon and beef, but I don't take beef, so I picked salmon and chicken. My salmon came first, and it looked good.


Chicken. It's disgusting. Totally.

I don't understand about the beans thingie. NO ONE eats them anyway, so why do they bother placing the beans on the plate? I think they're wasting like so much money on the beans and the service of the poor folk who nicely arranged the beans on each plate, waste of labour. bah~

Then my friend had this dory, and he said it was good, wanting to get rid of the disgusting chicken taste from my mouth, I went to place an order for the dory. In the meantime, I settled for some abalone~ My friend said it didn't taste good, but whatever, it was expensive and hence I will eat it. It turned out to be quite okay except that it was chilled. But it did fill up my $26 I've paid.



The dory was so good that it was the only thing I got second helpings. Actually, I'd have got a second helping for salmon if I wasn't that stuffed. I've love fish as long as they don't have bones. I used to hate fish because of the bones, but as long as there are no bones, I love them~ It's said that fish is supposed to be good for brains, but how come even after eating so much fish I still can't remember people's faces? hai... Maybe the problems lies with me ba...

Fried food.

I wanted to skip the fried food one. Fried food very fattening, but I couldn't give prawns a pass since they were the so called expensive stuff in a buffet, I just had to eat them up. And later I realised that that little bowl I used to contain my mayo sauce was supposed to be the bowl for the ice cream. It was so small I just assumed that it was for the sauces. lol~

Dory again.

By this time I was so stuffed that the dory turned out to be my final meal item. But I think I've eaten enough, right? Please tell me I did eat my worth of food, if not I'd just feel very terrible. lol~ As what my daddie says, buffets is not good, you eat too little you feel it's not worth it, you eat too much you get fat. hai...

A little show case on the stuff I drank. Drinks was of course, also free flow. But I made a mistake, I shouldn't have drank too much. Drinks are cheap and they fill you up real real quickly.

Iced lemon tea.

I never drink any ice lemon tea other than those from Delifrance or Coffee Club Express. I never drink those dispensers one nor canned or packeted ones. But after being in Germany and the choice of drinks being limited, yea... I'm starting to like ice lemon tea a lot. But my preferred choice of drink is still Coke, but I thought since it's free flow I'd get Coke later, so ice lemon tea first.


Coke again.

But I didn't finish this glass of Coke. Too stuffed already, and too bloated. Think next time in buffet, I must limit myself to only one glass of drink.

Then let's head on to the desserts. I don't usually like sweet stuff, but since it was a buffet inclusive of desserts, I had to have some don't I? lol~ The range was a tad too sweet for me, so I aimed only the usual stuff and some chocolate items. No ice cream for me.

Mango pudding.

Gui lin gao, with honey.

Three chocolate stuff, too sweet for me already though.

With that, it completes my entire dinner at Sakura. I'm stuffed filled with all those stuff man.

I took some other pictures don't mind sharing with you guys.

Remember the prawns?
This is the amount of shell I've generated. Cool right? Onw whole plate of shell~

Then while I was taking the picture of the plate of dory, I turned the plate 180°. My friend saw that and asked me why I did that, so I showed him the difference...
The size of the dory looks VERY different right? lol~

Anyway, thanks to the friend who went down with me. Now, I just need to look forward to Jasmine's birthday and Lihui's birthday before I'll self destruct my life~

I've gained so much weight since I returned from Germany. People are telling me that I'm bound to lose weight once I get back to Singapore, but looking at the amount of food I'm eating in Singapore, I'm eating so much more than I was in Germany. How to lose weight??? To those guys who try to convince me that I still look cute, or that the extra weight is good for me, I think you can save all that once you see the big bluging tummy and the big butt. I'm now using my clothes to conceal all those from you guys lor.

I've got a lot of clothes I can't seem to fit in already, so I KNOW that I'm growing fat, so I think you can save those so called comforting words of what I'm only thinking that I'm fat. Those clothes are empirical evidence, irrefutable proof. I AM FAT. Okay, there are still fatter people, so I AM GAINING SO MUCH WEIGHT. I must start a proper diet plan and stick to it. hai...

Wish me luck~

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