Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Along the Arts Corridor

Okay, I didn't really meet them along any corridors, one was in Coffee Club Express the other was in the library, but I thought the title sounded more poetic. hehehe~

This is a follow up to
- Hello, Do You Know Me?
- More Blushes, And My Inadequacies
And pretty soon, I can start a column of Joan's Social Boohoos.

Last Friday I was hanging around the school doing something I can't remember what it was when I heard someone call me name. erm... Truth to be told, I seldom respond well to people calling my name because I've this paranoia that people aren't actually calling me but someone with a similar sounding name. yea... I guess I've low self esteem. I turned back and saw a familar face among a group of people. I assumed that I knew the familar face, and since the rest weren't that familiar I didn't bother looking at them and assumed that I didn't know them. Convenient, I guess.

As I was talking, the person who called me asked me why didn't I give that "Do I know you face". Then I took a step back and realised that one of the girls among the four people in front of me was seemingly familiar but I've absolutely no recollection of her. I thought it's best that when I've spotted a familiar face, my sight would be straightly directed to that face, other faces don't usually bother me much since I don't bother looking at them. But now that I've seen all the faces and one of them was familar, there was an awkward pause. I hate awkward pauses. Makes me feel so uncomfortable, like I'm going to antagonise some people with some wrong comments.

Then this guy said I didn't remember him. Truth to be told, I thought I knew for sure that I didn't know him. I assumed that he was trying to jeesiao me, you know like how all irritating guys like to do. So I asked aloud, "I don't know you, right?" Big mistake. I did know him. I knew him together with the girl whom I thought was familiar. Granted, I think he looked different, he probably got darker and changed his spectacles or something. And after reflecting on the events after I left. And digging up my past memory, I remembered his name! Amazing~ But I still can't remember the girl's name. I think the girl has a Chinese name. I'm bad at Chinese names. I remembered the guy's name because, long story.

Once upon a time I knew this friend who was thinking of an English name for himself. The name he chose was "Eric" (I hope that's the name, if not, my memory's really terrible, forgive me.). I thought, since he liked the football player Roy Keane, why didn't he just call himself Roy? I'm a suckler for single syllabus names. He didn't tell me the reason of why he was unwilling to take on that name until he introduced me to this guy named Roy. I guess it's because he's a friend of that name. ahh well...

Okay, back to the topic. On Monday, I met that guy again~ And I was able to confidently wave to him and did some stupid small talk.
roy: You just came to school, is it?
joan: No, I'm just leaving about to leave school.
roy: I've class.
Then the oligatory byebyes.
I guess it was because I was wearing the sunglasses, so it's either I just came from outside or I'm going to outside. It weird why some people can still recognise other people with sunglasses. I cannot do so leh... If there's someone with sunglasses, I will definitely not acknowledge him.

Then that night, I was MSN-ing with the friend and I mentioned that I met Roy. I was expecting something like "Who's Roy?" hai... I guess this is another example of my low self esteem, and lack of confidence of my pathetic memory. But since he didn't ask, I guess I remembered the name correctly~ yay~

Then today, I had another encounter with the loitering people in Arts faculty.

I was at the library when suddenly I heard someone calling my name. I always cringe when I hear my name. lol~ I turned around after like 5 seconds of pause, but I didn't see anyone turning in my direction or looked like they called me. I thought it was just my paranoia again, then I saw a head twisted in a awkward position. "You didn't see me, or you've forgotten me?" erm... Truth to be told, how was I to recognise I face so awkwardly twisted? After walking forward and seeing him in a more normal position, ahh... yea... I recognised the face. Mitch.

Okay, the name didn't exactly appear straight to me when I saw him, but in retrospect, Mitch is the amazing self confident person that can make people remember him after he starts talking about himself. yea... So the name did have to pop up in my head after some small talk. Another thing about making small talk with these sort of ├╝ber confident person is that they can make small talk into a conversation. Anf they are wonderful people to talk to, makes one feel so comfortable and the words just come out naturally.

Talking to Mitch brought back some memories of the past. I have really aged. I met Mitch way back in year 1, so 2 years have passed just like that in front of our eyes. Old already... wahaha~

Another little encounter at the end of the day today. Just before leaving school, I went to the toilet. At the toilet, this girl turned to me and asked "You're Joan right?" erm... I stunned dio lor. Toilet leh... Never expect someone with this question to ask me in the toilet. "You're in my SS group." erm... What SS??? Then I remembered, my TS module's also an SS module, so yea... I just met her this morning and I can't remember by the afternoon. Okay, it was only 4 hours since we've last met and I couldn't recognise her face. I'm so cannot make it.

Maybe I should do something regarding this brain of mine. hai...

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