Sunday, September 24, 2006


I asked a friend to help me download a whole lot of stuff. Hearing my friend's reports to me, I felt really excited. Bubbling with anticipation. hehehe~

It's the feeling you get when you make an online purchase then have to wait for that package to arrive in you mail. You check the mailbox every day and everytime you open the mailbox your heart would skip a bit. You think about that package day in day out. And sometimes you would break out into a wide smile for no rhyme or reason. This is the feeling of anticipation.

With a life less than colourful as mine, I think this seems to be the only thing that keeps me going. Some say it's a form of escapism, but I think it's at the very least better than me thinking about all the depressing thought like when's his flight and what he's going to do there and all the stuff about them. sie... definitely not a very happy thought.

But then, the thing about anticipation is that when suddenly things doesn't go as planned, there would be disappointments. The higher you hope the more disappointed you'd be.

When my friend told me he was downloading some other stuff (but also my requests) first and not the one I wanted more badly, there was this disappointment, although not really that intense a disappointment. Sometimes I don't dare to ask my friend about the progress of the downloading because I'm afraid of being very irritating. My friend is doing all this for me out of goodwill, so I must respect my friend and not bug my friend. I think I'm quite a considerate person.

The thing I was disappointed with was the highly anticipated mahjong session my friends arranged. We've finally found four people who had time but suddenly one person backed out. That's the most sickening thing about mahjong, the need for four people, not one less. Ya, ya, you can say we can play three people mahjong, but it's not mahjong as in MAHJONG. bah~

Now the only other thing I'm anticipating is a KTV session and a visit to Botak Jones with a friend. That person better not fly me an aeroplane if not I think I'll just crumble into bits. I'm not really a person who can take in disappointments.

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