Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm in Deep Shit

I have to blog this because I'm in a very bad shape. So far I've managed to complete my first essay ahead of schedule, one down two more to go. I'm half way into my second short essay, but the problem is that I'm only one quarter through the paper.

See, the paper is a 1000 word paper, and I've now 400 words written. Sounds good right? 2/5 done. But but but, I've only my introduction and one out of four points done, that means that I still have three points and my conclusion to write up. And there's no way I can do it in 600 words. Realise how deep the shit I'm in now. I guess I might need to consolidate my points and breifly explain stuff and leave out examples and quotes. Wish me luck~

But then hor, I think that my introduction is not badly written. How does this sound?

"The Korean War was never going to escalate to a wider war, Stalin’s attitude made sure of that." Is that convincing? Why or Why not?

Throughout the Korean War, although Stalin allowed for Kim Il Sung to start a conflict with the South Koreans, Stalin never wanted the war to escalate into a wider war, especially a war against America. Hence this was the foundations for which the above statement that Stalin made sure that the Korean War was never going to escalate to be made. However, even though Stalin never wanted the Korean War to escalate, like with every conflict, it requires two to clap, as such, to attribute the Korean War as a limited war to only Stalin's attitude is not going to explain for the whole nature of the war. It was also important for Mao and Truman's attitudes to contain the war within the frontiers of Korea that the war did not escalate. Also, the context of Korea in the larger Cold War being fought was important in determining the deciding moves of all parties participating in the war. As the Joint Chiefs of Staff put it, it was "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time". With these other factors in mind, it is not convincing an argument that the nature of the Korean War lay in the attitude of Stalin alone.

I better go back to my paper. Cross your fingers and wish me luck~

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