Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why the comments about my looks?

I'm really amused by all the comments about my looks. Yes, I know I'm fat and ugly, you might think that I look like some people, whatever, but making such a big fuss about it? It's really funny...

There was this one period of time when I was really into taking pictures and tinkering them with photoshop and stuff, but as with all phases in life, it was but a fleeting moment. The poses I had were quite juvenile, I admit, but it sure was fun thinking up all those poses. The "xxoos" one actually originated from O-Week when I started signing all the letters for a "cheer" cheer, then some freshies came up with a "joan" cheer for me. Too bad I old liao le... Besides I'm now too fat to take pictures of myself anymore. hmm... I think the current me look more like Chen Liping.

Okay, since I've opened up this window, I think I'll answer all the comments in the box, that is other than the comments about my looks because I've no idea what I can say about them.

quirk: That's my point all over again, all men stray.

Actually, with regard to my term "man", I mean all mankind, and not the "man" referring to the male species of human. Women are able to stray too but maybe not to as great length as men since I think there's also something to do with the biological functions and perhaps to a little extent the emotional functions. Not so sure about it though.

little fish: I don't know if Geylang's dangerous for me, maybe some weird guy likes fat ugly girls, so perhaps?

fortycalibernap: I agree. sigh...

Chuang Shyue Chou: Yay! Chelsea!!! I hate all of Chelsea's competitors btw, not just Man Utd. In fact, actually, my most most most hated team in the entire universe is Arsenal. I don't know why I just hate them to the core. lol~

jessica tan: You don't have to take me seriously. In fact, if you read the Postscript, I don't take myself that seriously either, okay, maybe I was serious for all that one day, but well. It sure was very surprising to find out that some people did take me very seriously.

And that anonymous in the other post, actually before I posted that entry, I ran a babelfish on it. I made quite a bit of spelling mistakes which babelfish won't point out, and the grammar in babelfish is all wrong, and many words have different meanings and babelfish would only churn out one of them. So, how much of that text have you understood? It's really funny to read stuff like "I white" this and "I white" that. Everytime I run a babelfish on any text with "weiƟ", I get "white", and it makes the text just so funny.

Okay, need to get back to my work proper. Slap me if I come back to the blog anytime before Saturday unless I somehow managed to complete all my work before schedule.

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Jasmine said...

hi joan, i dont think you're either fat or ugly so i'm glad you're taking all these ridiculous, uncalled-for comments from anonymouses with the appropriate pinch of salt! =) have fun writing term papers!