Friday, September 15, 2006


With regard to my previous post on Sexual Bribery, I received an email from A/P Ian Gordon.

Imagine, you came back from the musical Forbidden City, and you're damn tired. You still open your mailbox to clear the mail. You turn on your MSN and three people immediately drop you messages. (Please, at least wait two min before a person after aperson first comes online to message him/her can? Let them settle in first... lol~) And when you check your mailbox, you see a mail from "Ian Lewis Gordon". Damn scary lor...

He brought up some doubts about some of my viewpoints which I thought I should share, not so much of his thoughts, but more of my replies to him. If he needed an explanation, I thought the general population would be needing much in depht explanation about some stuff.

My reply:
hello... wow...
this email looks very scary when i opened my mailbox.

as i've pointed out in the entry, everyone is suspicious unless there's evidence indicating otherwise. all women are suspicious creatures and always think the worse, but more often than not, it's merely our overactive imagination. i'd say this is a general fear, as what i've mentioned, anyone with a tool to commit crime has the potential to commit crimes. of course, i'd like to think that all the teachers and lecturers i know are all nice nice people, the world is a nice nice place, but i don't know to what extent i can hold this hope.

as of now, all those i've heard are from anonymous accounts, so i've no clear proof of stuff. and as a sensible person, i also understand that not all stuff on the net is true, there might be people falsifying stuff just to attract attention and stuff, and for all i know those accounts i read are all made up by some overactive imaginative attention seekers.

anyway, the whole entry was about my thoughts about stuff, and i've put them all clearly in the disclaimer, so i hope it's still okay. and i hope by posting an entry about this matter can make some people holding positions of respectability to think twice before they act. lol~ (a far fetched hope though)

erm... so am i to take down the entry or amend it or do something about it? i heard that nus is a microcosm of singapore...


More explanations:
Okay, there's no way I'd take down anything in my blog, at the most I'd visually censor them and turn the fonts to black, so one would need to highlight the empty space to read the hidden words. hehehe~ I've done this before, quite a number of times.

I think Joan is the kind of overimaginative person. I imagine a lot of things, and always imagine the worst. SO, I HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF SUCH THINGS OCCURRING. I don't know anybody who've accepted sexual briberies in school or in prison or anywhere.

It was just on Wednesday when I had a lot of things in mind, coupled with my own personal problems that I was thinking too much into the junk I'm reading online, so my thoughts just ran wild. I've sorted out some of my problems, but I still have a new problem. It turned out that they weren't going to emigrate just that they are going for a holiday. But I've found solace in my friends. Thanks to them, I think I'm feeling better. And when I'm feeling better I won't think too much, and when I don't think too much, yea... Things I read online don't bother me that much. Okay, granted I should stop reading crap, but some crap are really stupid and funny and it's fun to read them.

Oh, and the Champions League matches other than Chelsea's victories were all crap. How the kanasai Barca won by so many goals? KANASAI. The worst, Arsenal and Man Utd both won, lagi kanasai. On a better note, Liverpool drew. Sad to see Werder Bremen losing though, I hope they can beat Barca flat when they meet, then when Chelsea beat Barca, Werder Bremen can still have the chance of advancing~

And, with regard to Ballack taking penalties, I agree with Mourinho, Lampard's drought is caused by those bloody British press.

See? I've more pressing problems ahead, those professors can have sex with whoever they want to if they want to. I need to settle these more immediate problems first. Liverpool vs Chelsea. Prof Farrell wanted to dare me to show up in my Chelsea garb at a Liverpool pub but I'm not so stupid to get myself involved with angry Liverpool supporters after they lose the match. I shall frolick with the Chelsea supporters and we will celebrate together~

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