Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Call Me Call Me~

An Announcement.

I have for two months already changed my home phone number. Those who had the old number, +65 64435576, please delete that number, that number has ceased to exist. yea... I can afford to post up that number because I know that it doesn't matter anymore. Call that number and you'll get that Singtel woman's voice. lol~ I've now switched to Starhub, though not by my choice, and I can safely tell everyone, Starhub sucks.

Many times when somebody calls my house but doesn't receive an answer, they assume that someone is using the phone in my house, but in fact, the phone in my house didn't ring at all.

Anyway, the change in phone number probably won't affect me nor anyone else reading this blog because nobody calls me at home, and I never use the phone at home, except to call up Pizzahut or McDonald's. It was so cool the other day to be listed as a new customer in Pizzahut. lol~ Because that is one thing I am definitely not.

Okay, if anyone wants to get my home phone number, you can forget about it. I don't even know it. I didn't bother taking it down because I know I'll never use it. Call me at my handphone. It's switched on 24/7.

The think about remembering numbers is also gone with the times for me. I now cannot remember anybody's number except for myself and my dads, but that's because he's used it for 10 years already. I used to remember my old phone number, but I don't know the new one. I don't even have the new phone number in my handphone contacts. hehehe... That day I forgot to bring my handphone out, but wanted to contact a friend, a friend wanted to lend me hers, but I declined because I couldn't call my friend, because I don't have the number. bah~

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