Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hand Too Itchy


I went to tinker with the Blogger layouts and now I've screwed up my blog. And worst, there's something wrong with the HTML codings of my previous blog template that somehow doesn't work in Blogger beta after I've switched to this one. Now I need to resort out all my HTML codings.


Maybe tomorrow... Too tired now... After I manage to get back my blog to my previous layout, this post shall self-destruct. (I hope).

Updates: I tried to tinker around some stuff but it's still not perfect, as in still not what I want it to be. Sucks... I'll tinker around with it probably some time when I've the time. (hopefully)


Siu Hang said...

oh... I aren't really sure about beta, so still haven't switched to it yet.

For the template, what I do is to save the code in notepad, so if anything screws up I can still copy and paste back my old codes. Sorting out codes is so not fun.

xxoos said...

i did save the code in notepad, but when i copied and pasted back the old code which i saved, there's an error message. this is weird...

Poo said...

The new layout looks good. The font is bigger now, easier to read.