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Detective Conan Movie 10

(edit: look at the bottom!)

The Private Eyes' Requiem

I finally got to watch it. Thank you very much Eugene~

It feels so good to be back to my slacking lifestyle after the horrendous week previously. On Thursday, straight after my submissions, I went out to meet Eugene for dinner and also to get the Detective Conan from him. Dinner was good. Mos Burger, of course it's good~ It was quite funny because we both did not want to make the decision on where we would go for dinner. Sometimes it's very paiseh, because everytime we go out it'll be because I've cravings then I'd choose the place, so I really wanted to have him choose the place. But some idiot thinks that it's not very good for him to choose the place so he die die wanted me to choose. bah~ Anyway, it was Mos Burger.

The best part was supper. Xiaolongbao. I was talking to Cindy the other day when she had cravings for sushi. She thought of me. Sort of like somebody would think of me when want to eat xiaolongbao. But anyway, that somebody disappeared, without even an apology. Being pissed would be an understatement.

I wanted to watch Detective Conan last night one, but in the end I decided that watching the last episode of Family Matters (I had it taped) was more important to me. The last part really sucked. They tried to make a flirting scene that has got to do with sex somewhat toned down for family watching and it just turned out to be awkward. No real couple would flirt about sex like they do. craps. I also watched the last two episodes of the matchmaking TVB period drama which I don't know the title. Likewise, the ending after the climax was crap, especially when they were showing all their kids and stuff. Stupid~

Today was great too~ We went to celebrate (the other) Cindy's birthday. I think she was quite disappointed we like forgot her birthday. I made it a point not to wish her happy birthday while trying to avoid talking to her the whole day. Then in the end presented to her that birthday present. It took me like half an hour just to pick out that present lor. She better like it man. Then we made plans among the German group to go watch movie next week~ The Austrian film Klimt.

Okay, finally I get it to the point of talking about the movie I've just finished watching. Like all Detective Conan movies, it's great. but...

I start with my first impression. There was no audio. I had to tinker with the stuff a bit to get the audio, and it was still very disappointing even though I finally got the audio. The sound was weird, the background was too loud while the dialogue was too soft, but still once I got to it, it didn't matter. To quote my mum "you understand Jap meh?" lol~ The subs sufficed.

Before watching the movie, I've been at the trailer for the longest while. Think for about three months already. The trailer was good. It was so exciting and espcially the part which the client seemed to know that Edogawa Conan was Kudo Shinichi. And that everyone was involved in this 10th anniversary movie. All the private eyes were involved. To be very honest, after watching the movie, my first thought was that the trailer seemed much more interesting than the movie itself. The part about Hakuba Saguru and Kaido Kid was much less than I expected from watching the trailer.

The movie started with the whole group of people being brought to Miracle Land some sort of theme park like Tropical Land, while the client requests for Mouri Kogoro and Kudo Shinichi to help him investigate a case. He started threatens Mouri and Kudo with the lives of everyone else, including their own, but as we all know, to Mouri and Kudo, the life they wanted to protect most was Ran's.

If by now you have no idea what I'm talking about, reading Detective Conan's wikipedia entry would be a good start to understanding what I'm trying to say.

The two detectives, with only very few clues have to race against time to find out what they were supposed to investigate and what was the outcome of their investigations. The case seemed to involved something which happened on 4 April, a bank robbery, and some deaths. Somewhere along the way, Mouri got tangled up with Megure's pestering, and the whole 1st Division somehow got involved in the case, including Takagi and Sato who were supposed to be on a date. Kudo somehow met up with Hattori Heiji who also had Kazuha in hostage, and along their way Hakuba also showed up and they found out that Kaito Kid was somehow entangled into the 4 April affair.

On the side of the hostages, the girls met up, Kazuha, Ran and Sonoko. And Haibara Ai, the only person who knows the truth, had to come out with ways to try and stall the paths of the girls and the kids. A little robbery case was also entangled in the mess and provided some little entertainment.


The part regarding Hakuba was very badly executed. Hakura appeared without any formal introduction and disappeared without any explanation. There was this gaping hole after he left which did not fit in the story. The part about Kaito Kid was also very brief, too brief rather.

The ending was also a bit predictable. I knew the identity of the client even before he was formally introduced, and the part about the criminal was also quite obvious. Instead of havig one big twist, this movie was filled with many little twists, so depending on how you like your twists to be, this movie might not appeal to you. As it was an anniversary movie, all the important characters have to appear even if it's only for a cameo, so some of them turned out to look quite useless.

And as we all know, since the whole Detective Conan franchise is still running, there's no way any character in the whole franchise would get killed of, so no deaths for us. And of course, the crux would always only be solved by Edogawa Conan.

In all, it's not my favourite Detective Conan movie, nor even my favorite Detective Conan subplot, but it's still a very enjoyable movie to watch. It's very thrilling and engaging and you get too see all the characters appearing in this movie again. But still the focus of this movie is very slanted to Conan, unlike the other movies where almost everybody get to share some screen time. The parts to do with Kaito Kid and Hakuba was very disappointed, but I like the little cameo by Kisaki Eri and Goro.

My favourite scene was this part where there was a robbery in Miracle Land and the thief wanted to take Ran hostage. Everyone there knows what a bad move that was, and indeed we were not disappointed. Then the robber turned and wanted to take Kazuha hostage, another big mistake. After taking Ayumi hostage and some other stuff regarding the bombs happening, the robber was forced to drop Ayumi and instead stupidly went to take Sato as hostage. Stupid robber, or should I say suay robber... lol~

Movie 11 is now in production already, but I think I'll take a break for now from anime and concentrate on my manga.

Tomorrow and next week will be fully packed, but I think it'd be fun. EU Film Fest is coming up and there seems to be quite a few good films out there. I want to watch Death Note and the Departed. Can someone jio me go watch? I'm still very pissed with that fateful someone who fly me aeroplane. I need something satisfying to erase those bad memories. lol~

Updated: I watched it for a second time, then I realised!!! I said before that Hakuba suddenly just disappeared without explanation right? I finally understood. Hakuba did not disappear because Hakuba was never around in the first place. See, Hakuba was Kaito Kid in disguise. oh man... I didn't get it the first time I watched it. omg... now I'm altering my mind and give it a higher rating. Stupid me!

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Sakina said...

Hehe, glad to see you figured out who Hakuba was. Understanding that just makes the movie so much better... I would have liked to see the real Hakuba, but I'll take what I can get.