Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reading, Burn In Hell!!!

To think that at the beginning of the season I was rooting for the underdogs, all three of them, Reading including, and now, that asshole of a football club actually had the nerve to INJURE BOTH MY FAVOURITE premiership goalkeepers??? BURN IN HELL!!! May you be relegated immediately next season and never to return to the premiership ever ever again. I HATE YOU!!!

This is not a football match, this is a conspiracy. I bet Barcelona paid Reading to injure both Cech and Cudicini. This must be the case. What the kanina fuck sia...

I really don't dare to watch the midweek Champions League match now. This is so crap. This is the worst thing that happened to Chelsea since a couple of years ago when both our first and second choice goalies were out. Then that guy whom even I can't remember the name of ended up having to play the Champions League matches and a couple of EPL matches. But then, that time the opponents wasn't today's Barcelona leh. hai... Why Chelsea must always so suay? When one goalkeeper injured, all must injured together? God must hate us for being so magnificent.

God must be jealous of us. Heck! I bet half the world's male population must be cursing us day in day out for something like this to happen. FUCK!!!

wow... It's been so long since I spewed vulgarities like this. Nabeh... No more words other than these can truly convey my current feelings.

Nevermind, I have faith in Chelsea. Like that time, we will pull through, and come through. I remember that year we managed to get to the semifinals so this year we'll get to the finals, even without and first two choices. We have done it before, and we will repeat that feat again. We can do it!

Nabeh Bacelona, curse you guys get injured in an accident on the way to the stadium for the midweek match. Nabeh all other football clubs, especially those who won just now, Man Utd and Arsenal, hope you guys end up in accidents too. Nabeh... Liverpool is okay since they suck this season. When they start winning again then I start cursing them.

hai... But then hor... I don't know if I'd rather they lose yet keep Cech and Cudicini or they won and lose them. I mean it's three points leh... But then we must look in the long run also. hai... Head pain head pain...

News has it that the both of them were sent to the hospital. Like that sounds so serious. Like it's highly unlikely that either of them can recover in time for Barcelona. I HATE YOU READING! Big piece of cheating gansters shit.

Updated again~
Doesn't he look just oh so cool wearing the goalkeeper's garb? hehehe~ I remember there was another time Chelsea lost two goalkeepers, Cech to injury and Cudici to a red card and Chelsea used up all our substitutions, Johnson wore the gloves and stood between the poles, but I don't remember him changing his shirts and stuff. Well, this is Terry in Hilario's shirt and gloves because for obvious reasons, Hilario wasn't even on the bench. crap... Chelsea is always so damn suay one.

Anyway, Terry is really so damn shuai. Reading, you shall burn in hell.

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fallen angel said...

Hope the third choice keeper is out too and shuai Terry can be the goalkeeper against Barcelona! :p