Monday, October 16, 2006

A War To End All Wars

With this post, from now onwards, I shall hereby not engage with any discussion with anybody on football. And I don't wish to hear anybody to discuss with me anything about football. If you do, I'll be that vicious woman and shoot down everything you have got to say.

This is war declared.

I've really got enough of everything. I hate being public enemy number one and everybody never fails to irritate me for it. Football is my love, Chelsea is my life, and as love and life comes into me, I take things seriously. Yes, I can accept the occasional jibe, but please draw the line and not overdo things. Yes, leave some respect for my team and your team. No matter how much I wish an entire team to suffer the same fate as Torino FC in the 1950s, I never say it loud to a fan's face unless provoked. I only say it to a neutral. So why are people cursing about my team in my face? And when they successfully provoked me, and I bite back, people say I'm evil.

Myabe I take things to the extreme. Do good to me, I'll pay back double. Do bad to me, I'll make sure you pay triple. If I'm nice, I'll be very nice. If you make me not nice, I'll give you hell.

So, to prevent more people from receiving hell from me, I shall stop talking about football to everyone, and likewise, you not talk about football to me.

It took just two injuries to get half a dozen people provoking me to my limits. So what if half a dozen people are pissed off with me since they've pissed me off? Ultimately, I'm the one suffering the most lor. I piss 6 people, 6 individuals pissed. 6 people piss me, I'm 6 times pissed than each pissed of individuals. sucks...

And, do not try to undermine me being a fan just because I don't watch every single match Chelsea plays. I really don't understand how some people can think that being a fan one has to watch every single match his team plays. I've another life outside Chelsea. I go out, I play, I have friends, I am unable to watch football. What's so wrong with it? I support my team, I support my players. I save up and spend useless stuff on them. I defend them when people try to put them down. I want them to win every single game, but I want them all to be healthy and well. fuck... Just because I watch them on TV doesn't mean that they can feel my presence and play better, it's not like I'm in Stanford Bridge. I do want to watch every Chelsea game, but capability wise, it is just impossible.

bah~ Going to bed being pissed with irritants. At least I know this will be the last time I'll be annoyed.

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