Thursday, October 12, 2006

Favourites Meme from Survivor

This is more signs of procrastination. Saw this in the Survivor: Cook Islands webbie. Damn you Mediacorp for not screening it live, or screening it at all. I hate you! Anyway, my current favourite is Yul. I think I must move to Korea or something. Ozzy sounds cool too, but I want my Oppa~ That's it, I'm going to Korea.

magenta, red, pink
My favourite nail colour from OPI is called Ladies and Magenta, I'm using it now and it's the only nail colour I've done more than once~

rose, nice food, stale cigarette smoke
Smoke taste best in the form of a kiss.

anything bigger than a palm and in bright colours
I don't understand, how could anyone like a flower which is small? You can't even see the goddamn flower. Okay, I'm clearly not a flower person.

Board Games
monopoly, chinese chess
I know I don't look like one, but I am good at Chinese Chess. I once even beat the self proclaimed best Chinese Chess player in my Chinese Drama Society.

Video Games
anything that can shoot people down and is easy to master
I'm a sadist, and I'm lazy. I'm a lazy sadist.

Sports to Play
This is a tough one, I'm lazy, I don't play sports. I do enjoy an occasion basketball or badminton match though.

Sports Teams
CHELSEA!!!, Werder Bremen
Easy one there~

Outdoor Activities
Wait, think swimming fits in here better right? I do enjoy occasional cycling too, but I'm bad at it, I also want to learn rollerblading but my sis has only one pair of blades and I don't have the time. I like going to the beach and all sorts of beach games too~

TV Shows
Survivor, The Amazing Race, trashy TVB period dramas

Last Life in the Universe, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Chungking Express, Merry Christmas, Battle Royale, The Blue Lagoon, Fleeing By Night

Actors Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Tony Leung (the Chui Wai one), Kong Wah, Dicky Cheung, Johnny Depp, Takeshi 'Beat' Kitano, Asano Tadanobu, Jim Carrey

Actresses Nicole Kidman, Rene Liu, Kenix Kwok
I seem to have to much few favourite Actresses than Actors. I guess I just like men~

Wubai and China Blue, Wangfei
Such a no brainer.

I've stopped reading them already. Maybe 8Days? Only for the Drama synopsis though...

Liang Yusheng, Donna Leon, manga (Detective Conan, Ouran High School Host Club, CLAMP and much more). Angels of Russia.

Kellog's Frosties

mango, starfruit

Snack Foods
Jack and Jill potato chips in barbeque flavour, Lays, actually anything salty I like~

Famous Amos' No Nut.
Anything without nuts is fine with me, but I'm not a fan of sweet stuff.

Candy Bars
Ritter Sport Halbbitter
I hate sweet stuff.

Alcoholic Drinks
Tequilla Sunrise, recently also aquired a taste for Heineken

Big big no brainer.
Currently the drink of my life. I just drank two cans and two cupfuls of it, and will drink one more cupful of it before I sleep.
My current MSN nick: cola is best drunk at night
Even coffee doesn't have this effect on me, wakes me up in the day and puts me to sleep peacefully at night.

Seriously, I think I'll go take a bath then better complete the bulk of my work by tonight. Wish me luck~

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