Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Am So Dead

I've two half essays to complete and one short essay to write. I've a long list of biblio to put up and the footnoting to do. I hate footnoting, it's a waste of time and energy. And why am I still here typing at this goddamn computer not working on my essay but posting a stupid blog entry? Really I don't know. Even before writing this entry, I wasn't even doing my essay. fuck... Now you guys should know how dead I am.

And here I am thinking about tomorrow night. I hope my friend gets back to me before the night closes and agree to meet me in town for dinner so that I can pamper myself a little bit. But even if he doesn't meet me it's still okay. I'll go down Kinokuniya and get all dosage of manga. I'll still be happy. I'll buy Cindy's present. Both Cindys. Then I'll make plans for Friday and the next week.

Was talking to Xinli just now. Think we should be going to the European Union Film Festival, but not the watch the German films, the German ones don't sound interesting. I've no wish to watch an angsty young teen kaubeh-ing, nor do I want to watch a Turkish-German girl kaubeh-ing. So we thought the Austrian films sounds somewhat more interesting. One's on Monday and the other on Friday. Sounds good? While talking about the EU Film Fest thingie, I think GV sucks. In the website, under the column language, they stated stuff like "Austrian" and "Belgian", like what the crap are those languages??? Since when do Austrians speak Austrian? Nor do Belgians speak Belgian? As far as I know Austrians speak German and Belgians speak French/Dutch/Flemmish (or is it Flemish?). Crap... Stupid people makes my day bad.

But then I'm making my day bad too, so I can't really kaupeh about those stuff. Sucks...

I need to come up with 3000 more words for my essays if not I'll not see tomorrow's daylight. I really cannot put off doing work until tomorrow. At the very least I need to complete Farrell's essay. People have already handed in that damned paper. And turnitin will not allow me to hand in any paper after the deadline. At least the German papers I can still count on the 6 hour time difference. Oh just shoot me... Here I am already making excuses for procrastination. wahaha~ Maybe I shall just extend one semester or something and prolong my agony instead of completing that module. No!!! Herr Kramper will be so disappointed in me. Shucks...

I need to buy soemthing to pamper myself. My grandfather gave me some money after her struck 4D. ahh... I also want to strike 4D. I really need to go shopping.

Okay, after typing these stuff I think my fingers have become more smooth and I should be able to continue with my work. I think I shall start with the short essay, at least after completing something I'll get the motivation to continue with the major stuff. And at least I don't need to do footnoting for the short paper. Wait... I think I should continue with the Farrell paper because I've done the research and don't need to be flipping through papers to write it. hmm... Which should I do now... bahaha~ Now you know why I just cannot get anything written out.

Tata for now. I really should get work done. I'll blog more and blog longer entries after Thursday.

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