Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's not hard to imagine...

I saw him walking in front of me this afternoon. He was dressed smartly in a brown long sleeved shirt with black pants, nothing special about his dressing, nothing eye catching. But still. it was his dressing that caught my eyes.

The first thing that came into my mind was the thought, "He'd look good in a dark blue long sleeved shirt." Then I started mentally dressing him up. A dark blue long sleeved shirt, a little big tight, or should I say a little bit more fitting, to show off that toned bod of his. Ditch his pants, get tight ones, a butt hugging tight pair of pants to show off that cute butt of his, he'll look so sexy. His shirt tucked into his pants but pulled out loosely to have the hem of his shirt hanging messily under his pants, a touch of wild look to his already sexy get up.

I wanted to transform him totally. He has the looks but was not well groomed enough to harness his looks. A new hairstyle is needed. His hair is dry and coarse, leaving it hanging on the head might impress had he been ten years younger, but now he needed a cool new haircut. Adam Chen's hairstyle from the 9 o'clock show would suit him pretty well, pretty and well. After the hair, the face needs to be worked on. Clear away all the spots and tone the complexion and maybe give him a tan. With his pan-Asian looks comprising of a well defined and strong cheekbones and justified jawline, and the lighter than normal eyes, he would milk his features and cover his flaws and be the best looking person on campus, easily.

I can imagine the revamped him having his pictures taken by the paparazzi, his face appearing in magazines, newspapers and every tabloid one can get hold of. He will apear in cinemas near you. Him with a glamourous life, him as a world celebrity. He commands a throng of groupies and crazy fangirls shouting "I love you" to him every two seconds. He would be da bomb.

Or imagining him entering politics, milking his handsome features and good looks to its maximum, him winning over all his political competitors. Politicians standing beside him will all be mesmerised by his beauty and agree to everything he says. He would be the dictator of the next generation, charming every citizen in the country. His charms would increase with every power and authority he commands and in turn he would able to charm more people. Man of the time, man of the universe.

It's not hard to imagine...

My imaginations ran free and I needed to come back to reality. In real life, there was no celebrity, no dictator, not even a good looking guy. There was only a guy, trying to camouflage his talent, ability and good looks into an average joe.

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