Thursday, October 26, 2006

Watching the world go by...

I like to sit behind these big glass panes, watch the people outside rush by me. I would sit inside snacking and sipping my drink leisurely as I watch the frenzied action. The world around me is changing ever so quickly, but I find myself stuck in the same hole as I always was and will always be. I advance at my own pace and momentarily lose myself in the big big world. I like to watch people go by me. I try and think what is going on in their minds, it is fun. The girl with the pile of books in her hands running by; the cleaner carrying a vacuum cleaner vacuuming the ceiling but also trying not to be in the way of the other students; the professor striding by but stopped for a small chat with a student; the pair who stood at the staircase landing for a long long chat but seemed to be awkward with each other, almost oblivious to their surroundings, not knowing what in the world just went by them. I like to watch the clothes people wear to school, criticising the badly dressed ones and complimenting the nicely dressed ones, watching the people go by me. Oogling at the good looking lads, bitching about the sad looking girls and while trying not to make it obvious that I'm staring. I try to imagine everyone's life story.

I watch the world go by me.

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