Sunday, November 26, 2006

Burn In Hell

The fucking school's IT department never fails to make me pull my hair when trying to get something done when using the fucking inefficient online system. CORS can burn in hell. The administration department can go eat shit, now the bloody exam directory can just be banished down to the 18 levels of hell. NUS IT technicians think they are so smart to encrypt some godknowswhat into their websites and render us unable to access it. At least for the vast majority of normal students who hates the online fucking system.

I tried logging to the exams directory tonight. Some little intuition told me that doing it tomorrow when I have papers on Monday is a bad idea, no thanks to many bad experiences with CORS.

First, they cover their bloody asses and say stupid things like if it can't work in IE, try Firefox, if it can't work in Firefox try IE.

Both didn't work for me.
I had to go and download Firefox specially for this and it hell didn't work, so what the fuck?!!!

Really, for something so vital, there isn't a need to make this page so difficult to access right? So what if the entire world knows our exam time tables? Really, I'd rather a system that shows everybody every modules time table and everyone's seating position. Put it up on the bloody web la. There isn't a need to protect anything when more conspicuous stuff are out in the world wide web. Yes, if one does a search, all the shit can be dug out, all coming from NUS pages.

Anyway, I was so angry that I emailed them for help.

(ed: I forgot to block out some personal details in my pic, had to reupload it. kanasai... If you managed to see the earlier picture, forget it instantly or I'll gorge your eyes out and dig your brains out.)

Really, I just so wanted to type "Just fucking go and eat shit!" with this kind of so bloody fucked up system. All the vulgarities and my newly acquired Hokkien vocabulary I've learnt from all the Singapore films I've been watching for that similiarly titled module were all on the tip of my tongue.

And best of all, the automated reply. I really don't understand the rationale behind an automated reply, like does it really help us at all, NO! So just go eat some shit.

Really, after sucking us of so much money from the ever increasing school fees, I really expect NUS IT department to really do something to improve their online facilities, if not they should just sack all the IT workers and use the money to hire some other people to serve us face to face.

I is damn angry at this whole fucked up system. Grrr...

Yes, I'm vulgar, but it's not without a reason.


Hermit said...

u power lar siah!

chillycraps said...

chill chill!

if you cannot access, you can always ask your friends to log in for you. That's what some of my friends do (ie ask me to login.. bleh)

maybe my software too primitive, so it works for me. Anyway, don't expect anything to work when it comes to NUS's IT. Their help desk also likes to play taichi one.

xxoos said...

managed to get into that bloody page already.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... yeah nus is always screwed up one way or another. Problem rectification takes years. And years. And in the meantime u get to know all the various depts that exist, cuz they refer u here and there. kns.

anw all the best for the papers.

-anonymous 2

xxoos said...

anon 2: thanks!

you know what, it's monday, back to work day, and no, i still have yet received any reply from that bloody helpdesk even though i've been able to finally get into that site. what if i still am unable to get in? grr...