Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Thoughts on Survivor

I know I know, I've written about it before, but this season's so surprising and pretty scandalous that I want to talk more about it. wahaha...

(For my first thoughts about it, it's over here.)

In the first episode of Survivor, we saw Jonathan stealing Yul's chicken, then ***spoilers*** later, together with Candiace, he mutineed his tribe, then after the merger, he went back to his old alliance in an attempt to save his butt, but let's all face it, he's screwed. He's now screwed more people than Boston Rob in Survivor All Stars and Stephenie in Survivor Guatamala commbined. ***spoilers end***

I was watching tonight's episode, and Jonathan further made me laugh at his ineptness comapared to Yul. Jonathan took a night using a little bowl to scoop up sand and dig a hole in Exile Island trying to find that hidden immunity idol, but Yul used his machete and took like three seconds to dig up a similiar hole and fine the idol. Okay, he probably didn't take three seconds, but at least the sky didn't change colour when he dug that hole.

And it's so darn stupid that the dumbass Raros didn't even bother to consider that Yul has that idol. They try and say that Yul's been there only for a night, but didn't they consider that Yul's smart enough to find that idol in three seconds? And to think that they agreed that Yul's smart. They're just kicking themselves in the mouth and not realising it. Dumbasses. Not only are they stupid, they aren't even Survivor fans, they didn't bother to watch last season's Survivor. I mean, if Terry can find it in three seconds, why can't just as smart Yul do the same thing? argh...
***spoilers end here***

One thing a bit sad about this season's Survivor is that a lot of the more disgusting players have been booted out early in the show. All the fat lazy pigs have all been booted off, from Sekou, to Billy, JP and tonight's Stephannie. The only exception is Cecilia. I thought she was very pretty, and has like a damn hot bod, too bad she got booted before I could see more of her and assess her as a player.

The next couple of bootees are also deserved to be booted ones. Christina was quite an ass in tonight's episode, luckily she managed to save her skin but too bad, next week she can't. Flicka and Cao Boi are oddballs, I feel no pity for them. Cao Boi's Plan Voodoo might be good on paper, but he made the same mistake as the dumbasses, he never considered that the idol's with Yul and not Jonathan nor Candiace. Flicka made the most most most stupid mistake by complaining about her tribe in front of an outsider (Nate). Stupid stupid. I always thought Nate was not a bad guy, so I was quite disappointed to see that he left in the latest episode of Survivor, but seeing him on national TV just now, I must say, that guy's an ass too. He single handedly orchestrated Stephannie's dismissal lor.

Another person I thought I liked but later hate, is Candiace. I read about her in challenges, she's good (think it should be in next week's), this week she was also not bad la, a lot stronger than the other females, so I thought she's good. But but but. After her mutiny and what she did after the mutiny, and her lack of brains in trying to keep up to Aitu's strategy, well, she went from good to goon in like two seconds flat.

I understand why Raro didn't like Brad, but I must say, I'm in love with Brad. And that's very sad, because Brad's gay. hai... Brad is damn good looking. He's the best looking one this season. But he's gay. urgh... I thought it was quite weird too that Brad wanted to do the puzzle instead of swim when he's a strong swimmer, maybe he wants his group to lose? lol~
***spoilers end here***

Speaking of good looking, I don't think Parvati is good looking at or, or that she's hot. Cecilia was a lot better looking than Parvati. Candiace looks good too, everybody looks good. Parvati doesn't even have huge boobs. I really don't see how Parvati can play her flirting game in this Survivor. The guys are all also pretty half baked lor.

***spoilers yet again***


After reading so much information about episode 10, Yul has successfully done what Terry failed to do. To make the other side swing over to his side with the hidden immunity idol although it didn't come into play. In Panama, Terry tried to swing Bruce and such over to his side but he failed. Yul managed to swing Jonathan to his side by using the idol as a bait. Okay, I'd say that however dysfunctional the Casayas were, they weren't dumb and stupid and sex crazed like the Raros. Jonathan was the only sane person in Raro, hence he had to switch alliances. I mean just imagine, he was telling the rest that Yul has that idol and they didn't believe. Goodness!

Yul's also has in Ozzy cover which Terry didn't have. In Panama, Terry was the target. But in Cooks, Yul isn't as much of a threat as Ozzy is. Ozzy is the target, the animan in Cooks. He can climb trees, swim, hold onto a pole forever, swim into the horizon, and can do everything.

Yul is the new Terry but with the luck. I'm really hoping Yul can finish off what Terry couldn't do and make it all the way to the final 2. He should be able to do it since he now has numbers on his side, and the idol and he can hopefully win immunities.


At present count there are 1 Black, 1 Hispanic, 2 Korean, 4 Whites left. Does race say anything or is it merly alliances and strategy? Of the 4 Whites, the outcast is a Jew.

Track back to last season when the Survivors were grouped into age and gender. It's not so much about race as it is about gender and age and familiarity with people. WHat kind of people you feel comfortable with. Yul and Becky and Candiace and Adam pairing up on the first day is like the alliance of honour of Terry and Dan on their first day in Panama. Yul and Becky are both Koreans, Candiace and Adam are both good looking and hypersexed, Terry and Dan are both outstanding men, these are a kind of familiarity and sort of a comfort solace, I think.

There was also problems with the castings. Like for the Hispanics, they have one lazy pig, two bossy leaders, so naturally they are disadvantaged. The Whites happened to have casted all young and hypersexed people like Parvati, Candiace and Adam who could stick together. And two Koreans in the Asian group? A bit not proportionate isn't it?

***end of spoilers***

Well, these are just a couple of thoughts now. This season's Survivor just has so many twists, I'm getting so excited, especially about the jury part. Can't wait to see what CBS has up to its sleeves.

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