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Survivor 13: Cook Islands

I didn't realise that Survivor was already screening in the US and that Channel 5 had played me out by not only not having satellite broadcast, but worse still did not even have a same day broadcast. Luckily, I manage to follow onto the trails of Survivor thanks to the mighty internet. I was following dillently all the summaries of what happened every episode when finally Channel 5 announced their decision to broadcast Survivor. But I've already been spoiled.


Somebody was telling me that he hates to be spoiled. For me, I can accept, in fact I want to to spoiled, in some occasions. Like I want to know what happened, so that I can prepare myself for either excitement or disappointment. Like if I know what's going to happen in Survivor, I'll pay more attention, after all, to me, the thing that attracts me to Survivor is not the outcome of who win that million dollars, but how that person went about winning it. One thing to note, I hate being spoiled for books and movies if I know I'm going to know the ending like soon. wahaha~

Survivor 13: Cook Islands
Channel 5, Fridays 11pm
Updates on the official site is every Singapore time Friday about afternoon.

For the longest time, Survivor has been touting itself this season as spilting the Survivors into racial groups, and it has been attracting much flak about it, to me, it's just another gimmick. CBS would never allow itself to be racially controversial even though it's not a Singaporean broadcasting corporation. wahaha~ So the groups are...

The African Americans.
I think they are only together because theur skin colour is a bit darker than the rest because basically you can see Sundra and Rebecca not really that black, neither is Nate, but well, after hearing Nate use a double negative, well, he is an African American I guess. So there's also Sekou and Stephannie in the group. I'll talk more about the group's performance later, I'll just talk about how I feel about this group when I first saw them. I don't like Sekou. He just comes across to me as a not very likable person, to me.

The Asian Americans.
There are two Koreans, one Vietnamese, one Filipino, and one mixed, but they all looked Mongoloid, which made me come to think, does Mongoloid means Asian? Some forumers were saying that the Philippines isn't Asian. Well, what about Indians, Sri Lankans? Now, to complicate the Asian question again, how about Khazahstan? I don't know how many heard about the Miss Asia competition which Miss Khazahstan won, she looked well, Causasian more than anything else. Oh well, I'm supporting the Asian Americans anyway by nature of fact that I'm also an Asian. Oh, and Yul and Brad are so damn shuai. I prefer Yul though, because he's more polished. The rest in the group are Jenny, Becky and Cao Boi.

The Hispanics.
Well, Billy and JP don't exactly strike out as Hispanic to me, and neither does Ozzy, even Christina don't looks that Hispanic to me, it's only Cecelia. Oh man, she does look like one Latino beauty, with her body being so shapely. wahaha~ I guess they were all labelled as Hispanics only because they all had dark brown hair. At first glance, I hate Billy. He looks like Sekou, as in all talk no action and can't seem to do anything. I thought they were also one pretty strong team.

The Causasian Americans.
okay, they all look Caucasian to me, but why is a Caucasian named Parvati??? lol~ Parvati's an Indian name, an Asian name, even in Harry Potter stereotyping, Parvativ Pavril was an Indian in the movie. lol~ Okay, I was at first quite attracted to Jonathan because he's a writer and I like writers, and it's very cute that his family name is Penner. lol~ Candiace and Adam somehow managed to pair up in the show, but they aren't as gross as Romber. Flicka well, is the oddball of the group, I think she seems like a very sweet girl, but well, being odd will harm one's chances.

Notice that there are 20 survivors this season? I wonder how will those 20 people be slowly eliminated... I hope CBS can surprise me and do a couple of good twists to the show, but one thing, no more return of the booted survivors. NO MORE. I don't think there would be though since we have 20 survivors to boot. I hope there are more episodes though, I just can't seem to get my Survivor fix, especially that I didn't finish watching last season's because I had to go over to Germany.

Okay, let's go into the show proper, the first episode was broadcasted last week, and I'll talk about it without spoiler warnings, okay, I'll talk about the first two episodes without spoiler warnings, but when I talk about subsequent episodes, I'll put up the *** signs, okie?

The first two episodes were of the above mentioned groupings, so it was a pretty small group, I think small groups are easier for people to bond, but also easier for big frictions. As we can see in the first two episodes, it was luckily it was a small group that the Asians were able to bond together despite Cao Boi being the oddball, but also it was because it was a small group, Sekou and Billy's obnoxious attitudes was so stark. Oh, and Adam and Candiace got together.

The first boot was Sekou. It didn't come off as a surprise because it was very obvious that the Africans were the weakest link. Even though they managed immunity in the following week, their immunity came because the Hispanics threw the challenge. If the Hispanics didn't throw the challenge, the Africans were bound to lose the challenge. Even when the Hispanics were taking their time to do their stuff, they were always catching up with the Africans that they had to slow down their pace all over again. It was so funny trying to watch the Africans trying their best to win and the Hispanics trying their best to lose and it seemed to the both groups that it was so difficult for them.

I think that the Hispanics shoudn't have thrown their challenge, but well, it has been thrown and I really didn't like Billy. Billy is one mad guy, especially when he started declaring his love for Candiace when Candiace already had Adam. Honestly, Billy is like trash when compared to Adam lor, how can Candiace have like Billy, Billy really have no common sense sia.

We aren't seeing much of the Caucasians because I suspect that CBS editors don't really want to be accused of favouring the Caucasians. And also to dispel saying that this season is racially bias, the CBS editors have edited to show the Asians in a very good light, I think. Even for the oddball Cao Boi, he was shown to be entertaining. And Yul is our this season's Captain America. He's like Tom, only younger, smarter, more good looking, and has brains. He's like Terry, only very much younger, smarter, more good looking, and more muscles. He is having what some forumers describe as the "hero"'s cut. Every season, CBS wants to fit a hero into the Survivor, and this season, it's Yul, but of course, Yul has to be capable to receive that favouritism from CBS.

Check out Yul's bio. He's really chalk up enough impressive achievements as the previous Captain America Terry. Really, with his achievements, I can say that Yul's the most impressive person walking into Survivor history other than Terry, as in having an all rounded solid resume. Captain Yul~

Look, he's just so shuai~ And he has that oh so solid muscles. Great bod sia. Suddenly I start to fall in love with all Koreans, even though I know that those Koreans on teevee look nothing like Yul at all. All those wussy Koreans on teevee, pooi pooi. Yul is da man.

Yul have struck up an alliance with Becky, the other Korean, and I think they can go far. ***spoilers*** After the merge into two tribes, Yul and Becky and Candiace are the leading members of their alliance and they are the ones calling shots, so I really think that they can make it far. And even after merger into one tribe, I think Yul and Becky will pull in Brad (that is if he makes it to the merge) and Candiace will pull in Adam, and they will call the shots. ***spoilers end here***

I don't think it's a spoiler because we've seen it last night. Yul and his hidden immunity island which he found on Exile Island. Another forumer was saying with regards to episode 2 that Yul was really portrayed in a very good light. Over at the Hispanics, Ozzy was starting to shine, being the group's main provider and everything. Ozzy was shown trying to trap chickens with a net and having his tribemates around helping to lower the net together catching one chicken. Impressive? Cut in to Yul, hiding behind a bush with his chicken trap in front, the other tribemates watching from a distance, no talk is needed. And dear Yul trapped two chickens! Impressive! the forumer was saying, everything Ozzy can do, Yul does it better... lol~

And Yul found the hidden immunity idol like faster than Terry can say Captain America. Just hope that Yul will make better strategic use of it than Terry.

Currently US has already shown up till episode 7. We are left with 1 Hispanic only, Ozzy. erm... I don't think racial mix has anything to do with it since it was mostly the same race people deciding to vote out the same race people. I think Ozzy will go far because he's strong. In fact, Ozzy is my second favourite surivor after Yul. There are 3 Africans left, Sundra and Rebecca are quite under the radar people, so they might go far too. I don't know who was saying but after that person said it I felt it too, Sundra reminds me a bit of Sandra, the one who won Pearl Islands, a Hispanic winner of the million dollars. There are 4 Asians and Caucasians left. If Survivor was a statement of the strongest race, well, Asians having like the longest culture and the Europeans having spearheaded the Industrial Revolution and the beginnings of the modern era, oh well...

And I'm really starting to hate Parvati. She's like a big flirt but I don't think her charms will be put to much use. Most of the guys there are like either taken or gay, so she can just forget about flirting. The guys who can be affected by charms have already been voted out. Oh, and speaking of gays, Brad is gay. Nothing against gays, just that I thought it was an interesting fact to highlight. And Brad is damn shuai too. I'd like him to go far too. lol~ Actually, in terms of looks alone, Brad is better looking that Yul, but Yul just has that background and everything that adds on so much more to his charm.
***end of spoilers***

I really enjoy this season's Survivor, only that there hasn't been one clear cut bad guy in the shown. Jonathan was previously shown stealing Yul's chicken, but after the ***spoilers*** third episode, when Jonathan was the one who picked Yul and even saying it by his name, and them joining together in the alliance, Jonathan didn't seem so bad after all. ***end of spoilers***

Can't wait to watch more Survivors. I hope Yul does a Tom and for this season again allow the hero to win the game~

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