Monday, November 06, 2006

If I Could...


A Jimmy Lin song originally written and sung by some Japanese group.
Melody by Yamashita Tashuro, Chinese lyrics by Wu Yukang


我只能回忆 却不能靠近

那个人想大哭 想大喊

If I could
欠你的甜 欠你的泪
就是苦 就是输
因为你 爱让我勇敢

爱是自私 也是宽容

I have the CD if anybody's interested.

There are a lot of things that I can do if I could, but in the end, it's just that I don't want to do it. If I could... I could do a lot of things... Really, but the whole point of saying if I could is only because I didn't, I don't want, I am unable to bring myself to do it. In the end, the vicious cycle continues.

Even though I'm here rambling on in the middle of the night hearing some 9 year old song and appearing to be so emotionally screwed, I have to admit that somewhere deep inside me, I'm quite contented. I'm happy, not the haha happy, but the contented kind of happy. I'm not one who is interested in all those pompous stuff, I'm just a simple girl, and it's very easy to make me feel contented, I guess all the right cards were being played for me to feel this way.

Like in the song, even though he can sing that he want to fight back the love, well, I'd infer that that's all in his imagination. yea... I can think aboout lots of stuff too. Of course, every night I'd wish that I can fight for my own happiness too, but after the explanations of the first two stanzas, well, the answer is very obvious. I know even if I fought for anything, I'd just get nothing, so instead of fighting and losing everything in the process, why don't I just stick to the status quo and be contented? yea... I'm so easily contented.

Feed me a plate of char kway teow and another plate of hokkien mee and I can eat out of your hand forever. So who else dares to say I'm one high-maintanence chick?

爱是自私 也是宽容 爱公平很难
Even though I might plot lots of so called coincidental meetings in my mind and sink down to my most vindictive vengeful mode, well, in the end, I won't do anything. Why? 爱, that simple. It's not fair for me, it's not fair for anyone else.

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corn pie said...

I love jimmy lin!! lend me the cd~~ hiak hiak.. anyway we going out for movie tml rite? i gu yi leave 1 free day for u de or~