Sunday, November 19, 2006

Europa Woven Dress

I was supposed to be out shopping for a prom dress with my sister for her prom come December. Well, as how nature goes, usually, the person intending to buy clothes would not find anything suitable, and the person tagging along will buy loads of stuff. I didn't really buy loads of stuff, but I bought one expensive item.

The Europa Woven Dress by adidas.

From the online description from here:
Europa Woven Dress
Trends and styles seem to come and go, but good design is forever. Proof of that comes in this lightweight woven dress. Inspired by an archived piece from the '70s, this slim-fitting garment looks both sleek and sexy when worn as an overcoat or dress.

-27" outseam (size Med)
-Front zipper pockets
-Ribbed cuffs
-Shaped, feminine fit
-Embroidered Trefoil and adidas wordmark on left chest
-98% cotton / 2% spandex twill



The moment I draped that over myself, and looked into the mirror, I told myself that I was getting it. And so I did. Set me back by a lot, but it's so damn worth it.
adidas original~

The thing about the dress that I like about it is that is has two zippers, so I can unzip from the top and from the bottom and wear it like a trenchcoat, but because of the two zippers, I can also wear it as a dress in cold places. I think I'll wear it to school one day for the exams~

I checked the website, it comes in four colours, but Singapore's only retailing the black one, just about it, I think the black one looks the nicest. Okay, the Mustang doesn't look too back, with the red trimmings, but there's something about it that doesn't make it look classic enough. The pink one is just too pink. I do like pink, but that's just too much. The green one just looks like a Christmas tree, especially with the cutting of the dress, it flairs out quite a bit like a Christmas tree. The black one is still the best, but what's better than the best is that I OWN IT NOW~

Haven't been this happy with my purchases for so long~


Justin said...

Hey, I know this post may be old, but I've been searching like crazy for that coat/dress and was wondering if you knew where I could find one. Great post. lol


~ J

xxoos said...

i bought it from the adidas original concept stor that pacific plaza last year. i don't think it's available in any stores now. you can try buying it online. there's the online description link in my main post, you can try that website. with the USD so low now, you could possibly get it at a very low price. and there are many more colours in the online shop.

hope this helps~