Sunday, December 17, 2006

Plans Fell Through

I wonder why do I still make plans when all my plans all fall through anyway. Just a couple of days ago, I made plans to meet my friend but at the very last minute, I had to postpone it due to unforeseen circumstances, then today, all the plans that I made all fell through.

I wasn't planning on sleeping this morning, I actually wanted to stay up and wait for the sun the turn bright and go for a swim to get rid of all the excess fats that I'd gained through all the eating during the holidays. Then, I wonder if it's some superior being up there who wants me to be fat, the weather turned cold and perfect for sleeping. And I went to sleep.

When I went to sleep, I thought maybe I'd wake up at around midday since I wasn't that tired nor was I that in need of sleep. I could wake up at around midday and head down for a swim, hoping that the weather would clear up. After the swim, I'd head down to my grandfather's place for dinner. Nice plan right? Well, put it simply, I woke up at about 4pm to a big thunderstorm.

It wasn't only that I've already woke up later than I've planned, but that thunderstorm just makes sleeping so nice and snug. I dug deeper into the covers and continued sleeping like a pig. I forgot all about dinner. Okay, I didn't really forget, but I thought since it was raining, I can't possibly take public transport all the way down to Serangoon Gardens from East Coast, right?

I finally got out of bed, at the timestamp posted on this entry. Well, I can't make it down to the dinner because they've probably finished eating already. The grandfather eats early, so that he can drink coffee in the evening. So I'm stuck at home alone with the parents slated to go for their own dinner later so they won't be back anytime soon.

The father told me to order pizza. I had just ordered McDonald's at 4am this morning, and now order pizza, erm... Even for lazy Joan, this is too much phone delivery lor. And I'm a bit low on cash after this morning's breakfast.

Now, actually, I am supposed to be going out with my friend tomorrow, for pizza, since I was complaining I was craving for it since like this morning before I ordered my McDees. erm... After ordering pizza for later, I think I can't fit in any more pizza tomorrow, right? Now I need to think of something else to crave for tomorrow and hope that my friend doesn't mind that too. wahaha~

I'm not really that hungry now, but the parents won't be back until about 10pm or so, so should I order pizza later or should I wait for them to come back. hai... I was craving for chicken rice when I woke up lor. Stupid Cindy lor, yesterday, and the day before yesterday, keep saying she want to eat Five Star Chicken Rice until I also want to eat Five Star Chicken Rice.

I'm now so bored, don't know what to do since all my plans fell through already. I also need to know how am I going to sleep later since I had so much sleep today and I need to go out tomorrow so I definitely need to sleep and wake up early tomorrow.

I don't know if anybody noticed, but I changed my side picture. I changed it because I thought the old was was quite fat, it's not that I lost weight since then, because I haven't, but I found this picture of which I looked thinner than I am. wahaha~ But it's still not a very recent picture because lately I've changed the colour of my blusher but that picture doesn't reflect that.

I usually don't do photoshops to pictures which are of me in make up, but there was something wrong with that above picture which kept bugging me despite me knowing that that was me without photoshop. Then it struck me, that photo was flipped. It's a mirror image of me instead of an image of me. I don't know how that error occurred but I think it is sometime when I added in that frame that my photoshop when bonkers or I did something which I don't know what I was doing.

Anyway, please tell me, which one is nicer, then maybe I shall change the side picture to something that's more reflective of me.

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