Friday, December 15, 2006

Contacts or Not?

I'll have to leave the house in 15min to be in time to meet my friend, but it's raining outside, and I'm still pondering over the biggest issue. I had an eye infection yesterday, but it has subsided by nightfall, it's still okay today, but I need to go out later, so, should I wear contact lenses or should I wear my ugly spectacles instead?

I hate wearing spectacles, in fact, I've never worn them out before. I might go to school without make up, without dressing up, but I have never, and will never go to school in spectacles, well, unless some choy choy unforeseen circumstances which I wish would never happen.

Reasons I shouldn't wear contacts:
- My eyes don't feel that confident enough to take the risk.
- I need to preserve my eyes lest something happens tomorrow. I need to wear contacts tomorrow.
- There is a possibility that I still have the infection despite no obvious symptoms.
- My mother says I shouldn't wear.

Reasons I should just go ahead with the contacts:
- I'm vain.

Hmm... Reviewing the pros and cons, I think the decision seems to be clear what I should do. Dang, I just I should just cross my fingers and pray nothing goes wrong. After all, there's a saying which goes, tomorrow's problems shall be solved tomorrow.

bah~ I can't stand myself. Despite me being so vain, I feel so ugly inside me...

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