Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Time Do You Sleep?

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I knew that there was something wrong with my sleeping habits based on two separate events that occurred today, erm... actually, more precisely, it should be yesterday.

The second event was just before my mother went to bed, she turned to me, and said, "Later if it rains remember to close the windows."

Technically speaking, there isn't really anything wrong with the above sentence, but put it into context, she's going to sleep, and I'm not. It's just before midnight. The sky doesn't look like it's going to rain anytime in the next hour, at the very least. Rewind back a couple of years ago, she used to say this to me before she sleeps and I'm still in the living room, "Later before you sleep remember to close the windows."

So basically, the mother was assuming that I wouls be going to bed after she wakes up, hence, by then she could be able to close the windows if it rains.

Okay, to my family, there shouldn't be anything surprising about me sleeping after they all wake up. I've been doing that since my holidays started, erm... since the reading week started. I've been sleeping at about 10am though sometimes earlier sometimes later a bit. It screws up my bio-clock, especially when I have papers, I didn't know what time it was better for me to sleep to wake up in time for my paper. For my 9am paper, I had quite a bit of problems. I woke up at 5pm the day before, and napped at 9.30pm for about an hour, then I slept at 12.30am and woke up at 3am. I was awake all the way since then.

To me, I can still cope fine with my sleeping hours until this incident that happened today which made me think twice if sleeping in the morning is actually advisable.

I was supposed to meet a friend at 5.45pm last evening, then we would meet our group of friends at 6.45pm. I set my alarm to ring at 3.30pm, giving me adequate time to snooze, bathe, dress up, and travel. I woke up at 3.30pm but promptly fell back into slomber. Before I knew it, I heard a message ring tone and read the message from my friend saying that she would be late, she could only reach at 6pm. A quick check at the time, 5.30pm, and I'm still in bed. erm... In the end I left house at 7pm and reached Vivo City at 8pm. This was the wake up call I needed.

But then hor, I'm still online now, and show no signs of going to sleep soon. Why am I not learning my lesson?

I always thought sleeping after midnight was the norm for university students like me, heck, I always thought it was the norm for students, heck, for people in general. But I had to meet one fine guy who said that he sleeps at 10pm. I never thought it was normal for a student, a 22 year old student (ed: that person corrected me and said that he is in fact 23, but it doesn't really matter right? hehe... We all know that I'm 20 years old~) to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 5.30am. If I were awake at 5.30 it only means that I haven't slept. Heck, 10 o'clock sleeping time only means to me that I sleep at 10am.

So, the golden question is, what is the normal time to sleep and wake up?

There was this period of time which I slept before midnight and woke up naturally without alarm at about 8+, but that was because I just got back from Germany and was jet lagged and I had rough patches and didn't want to hang out online for that long a period of time. Even though I wanted it to last that way, it didn't last for more than a month, by the mid of the semester I was back to normal and started skipping my morning 10am lectures. Ah well...

Some of my friends who stay at home would say that the mothers would nag at them if they don't sleep early, and nag at them if they don't wake up early. I guess my mother is so sick of nagging that she doesn't want to care about me already. She stopped cooking lunch since I won't be awake to eat them. She only makes dinner, unless I say that I'm going out, then she doesn't bother about it unless my sister is eating.

I think I'm naturally a nocturnal person. But sometimes I think maybe it's because of something else that makes me so nocturnal. Remember Perhaps Love? That guy suffers from insomnia because he cannot get over with the girl. I think I can't sleep at night because subconsciously I don't want to sleep. I tire myself out before I finally get into bed. I think I tire myself because I can fall asleep within minutes of climbing into bed. hmm...

I once read an article which experiemented with people and put them in a sealed room to observe for 40 days. Without access to time passage, most people's bio clock lasted about 26 hours, so a normal person's day cycle without knowledge of time passage is about 26 hours per day. If that is so, I think I can explain my increasingly late sleeping hours.

Maybe I should try that experiment one day.

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