Wednesday, December 27, 2006

That Time of the Year Again

I have been off the loop, I know I have been, but I didn't know I was so off the loop until just now. I glanced through my MSN list and noticed that my friend's nick was saying about something to do with the bidding of modules. For a moment I thought he was talking about advanced bidding. But the unease in me grew stronger the more I thought about it.

So, I asked a friend the question. When is bidding starting?

Guess what the reply was? Okay, if you are a student unlike me, you'd already know the answer. BIDDING STARTED ALREADY!!! wahahaha~~~ Luckily it was only round 1a, so not really like I missed out on bidding for my modules.

I went down to my IVLE and checked. I've got all the modules I advanced placed. yea... There was this advance placement thingie a couple of weeks ago, I did it at the very last minute. At first I just did it for fun, I thought later can drop modules, but in the end I didn't drop any, so I guess I'll stick with those modules I advanced placed. Saves me the trouble from CORS bidding, saves me the few minutes of my life which I might have shortened if I went to CORS.

Anyway, I've three modules under my name already, all my major mods which I'll be doing next semester, I think. Of the three, I did half of two of the mods last year before I left for Germany, so I think I can cut some slack. But with the onset of next semester, I think I really must sit down with some profs of mine to consider my future. To work or to go on the next year. If I want to continue, I must need the modules to do and from what I see now, I might need to beg some profs to open up modules if not I can't get enough credits.

Let's take a look at my workspace~

Does saves me the possible gek sim-ness I might get from CORS bidding.

But that also tells me that I have to endure yet another semester of Farrell. hai... He's getting a bit old already. erm... Not him physically aging, but more of me getting more tired of getting the Bs from him.

Yes, I got another big fat B for my Farrell module this semester. Considering that both my essays were Bs and my project was B, it shouldn't have been unexpected, but I so unexpectedly managed to spot correctly both the questions I did! I thought I had a good chance of scoring for that paper.

Well, well, getting my grades just proves to me that I can get my exams WITHOUT studying. I put in a grand total of one hour for studying and got two Bs, one S and one A-. wahahaha~ The only bad result I got was for a non-examinable module, so it wasn't my fault that I did badly for that due to my non-studying methods. Actually, now to think of it, had I not S/Ued that S module, my CAP might have risen. But well, to late for regrets. I'm very happy with my A- module~ I didn't study, didn't rewatch any movie, went shopping the two days before, and crapped the paper, and my A-. wahahaha~

Okay, the the normal folks out there an A- might not be such a big deal, but for a mediocre who started holidaying in the reading week, this is a big deal. Okay, granted, I think my project which I got an A- for and my daily work which I think I should have aced it should do good to my final grade, but my mid term test was not well done, I had only about 8 or 9/15 only. hai... Now to think of it, had we not added that courtesy thingie in out project and got an A for it and I did better for my test, I could have had a higher grade, well, hypothetically, that is.

Still, no regrets for me, no studying, but the time was put to better use. I watched all the Survivor and Amazing Race episodes and read all the manga and watched all the anime, and bought that dress I love so much, no regrets.

Now, what breadths and GEMs should I do next semester leh?

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Poo said...

Can get A- without studying? Pwned.