Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Curiosity Killed the Cat

With all my experience with the rough patch, I should know better than to fulfill my curiosity, but somehow, just thinking that this is a totally different matter from the rough patch, I let my curiosity get the better of me, and now, I'm left so totally disappointed. Oh well... Sometimes mysteries are there for a certain purpose, and to uncover all the mysteries, is not really that fulfilling, sometimes it's better to leave some room for imagination.

I remember a quote from Kaito Kid in one of the Dectective Conan series, he told Conan that he shouldn't always try and unravel every single mystery, because it's more fun to leave things being unknown. Of course Conan refuted that, and Conan indeed solved the mystery. But that's in fiction. If Conan hadn't solved the mystery, there would not be a proper closure in the story and I'd have been upset.

Then there's the experience from the rough patch. I knew that I shouldn't be asking so many questions because the more I ask, either I get more lies, or I get more hurting truths. Lies hurt too, but truth hurts even more, so as not to be hurt, the best is not to ask so much, leave everything to my imagination and maybe it's good, maybe not so good. That time during the rough patch, I asked so much and learnt so much that I was so depressed. I should know learn from my past mistake.

So there I was just now. With my big fat finger, I was deciding whether or not to press that button and satiate my curiosity, find and answer to that imagination of mine, or to leave imagination where it should be, in my mind. Teetering between press and don't press, in a catch 22 position, I succumbed. It isn't that surprising, given that I'm the kind of person who likes to read spoilers before watching a certain anime series or reading a certain manga.

Boy, was I disappointed!

Through bits and pieces of evidence collected over a couple of months, the imagination I drew up was well, okay, I think such things can be subjective, so should I apologise that I have a weird taste and what I imagined to be good is actually disappointing, though the same thing can be considered good to someone else. I have my reasons for the picture I drew up, based on the evidences, so it was really disappointing to see my picture being destroyed with that push of a button.

I think this disappointment really killed the cat. No more imaginations for this girl already, period. But then again, putting an end to this might be also good in a way. Don't want next time, place hopes even higher then will get more disappointed. At least I can go to sleep in peace tonight without thoughts running wild.

But of course before I do that I must complain a bit about the disappointment. How come will like that one???

Actually, this reminds me a bit of the iPhone. It sounded so promising, like wah wah wah then looks so cool and stylish somemore. But the catch behind it is that it only has a 2.0megapixel camera and the camera functions pale in comparison with other current models of handphone, then the bigger catch, it will only be out dunno how long later (2008, I think). Imagine by then what kind of better camera phones will be out in the market liao. Think sooner or later Samsung, or Nokia or Sony-Erikkson will come up with better better camera phones.

I'm not saying that iPhone is no good, just not my cup of tea only. Just like this disappointment, not that it's really that terrible, it's just not appealling to me.

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