Sunday, January 14, 2007

Me Is Sick

It's been about close to two years since I was last sick, sick in the sense of like sore throat, running nose, cough, blah. It was so long ago that I almost forgotten what it was like to be sick. Anyway, I'm sick. I went to the University Health and Wellness Centre, it was so long ago that I last went there that they still had the record of me being on leave lor. wahaha~

I think next time if want to visit the UHWC must go in the morning, before lunch, because after that surely a lot of people.

I don't know why I fell sick. I was okay all the way until that night when suddenly I felt my throat a bit itchy. Usually after drinking water and liang teh will be better, but this time it broke out into a full sore throat and running nose by the end of the night. Over the past two three days I finished two boxes of tissue paper, and a whole lot more packet tissues.

I don't think it was anything I've eaten, so thinking back, the most likely cause might be that I got the bug from somebody (think: Rough Patch), or that it was because the last three nights before I fell sick I slept sleeveless and with the fan directly blowing at me. I guess the erratic weather didn't help at all. Anyway, I'm in a wreck now, so if my sentences become disjointed or something, it's not my fault, blame it on the bug.

A little update in my non-life. School reopened. I'm back to school, so maybe I'll get back a somewhat normal life soon, but we'll see how, after I recover. My sister moved to my grandfather's house, so my place is actually quite quiet recently. I'm back to the anime and manga fixture and some TVB dramas. I think maybe because I'm so deprived that I'm starting to take a liking of Ecchi (go wiki it yourself) anime. It's brainless and fun and funny. Between harem and reverse harem genres, I think I prefer the reverse harem kind (go wiki it yourself).

Actually recently got quite some stuff happening around which I want to blog about more seriously, but my brain so fried that I can't seem to think of how to join up my sentences. I think fever is like microwaving the brain.

I also can't seem to get myself to read. That day I popped by the library and checked out a couple of Donna Leon's books to read again, but I can't seem to concentrate while my brain is slowly cooking itself. I'd lie somewhere and read and I'd fall asleep. I tried reading FMA volume 9 also, fell asleep. I was watching The Jacky Show and wanted to laugh when my choked on my cough and had to wear this numbed expresion throughout the whole show. I didn't even manage to catch The Guess Show when I conked out.

Oh, I suddenly remembered. I bought a new shade of blusher from MAC. I'll wear it the next time I go out. Maybe on Monday to school or maybe Tuesday. Monday I only got one lesson so I don't think I want to waste my time on make up.

Speaking of Monday, I was waiting around school last Monday for someone to pick me up when I saw Farrell, he was like "see you tomorrow", I was stunned lor. I forgot that I've his class on Tuesday. Sucks... A new semester means need to remember a new timetable. I usually don't memorise timetables, I agarate the venue, go there and poke my head around. I don't carry timetables around either. I never get around to printing out my timetables, I don't know why.

Then hor, the tutorial bidding was another fiasco. Firstly, some tutorial slots (read: the one I wanted) were removed, then I couldn't manage to log in CORS at 9am, then I don't know if I'll get those I want. haiya... Reminded me of that day, Friday, I was sick, so I wanted to cab to school. No cab around because it was raining. I call the cab company but too many people call so engaged. Then finally got through, then ECP/AYE jam. I think I just cannot take cabs on Fridays. In the end the cab fare amounted to $25. wah lau...

At night luckily my parents were able to pick me up.

Then went home after dinner and slept until late late. Then on Saturday is also sleep and watch anime/drama, then Sunday also. My very productive life.

I don't understand why some people already started studying on the first week of school lor. Why will have readings why will have homework why will have this and that. I'm so eng lor. If I weren't sick, I'd be watching movie movie and more movies lor. Actually Friday I wanted to watch movie, but I thought eating better than watching movie. wahaha~ The food on Friday was not bad. Took some pictures, maybe will do a review some time later, when my brains not that fried ba.

Okay, I'm getting more and more disjointed and incoherent. Until I'm better, so long~ By the way, I've got that twitter thingie at the side. I'm still capable of short coherent sentences, so I'll update there ba~

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