Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Miserable School Day

Never in my six semesters of NUS school life had I so wanted to cry out in school because of school (not of work). The only time which came close were those times when I was on exchange in a foreign place doing foreign stuff and feeling very lonely. But today, standing at the bus stop outside S12 at the Faculty of Science, I could feel the tears welling up after missing the fourth internal shuttle bus. Never have I been so upset in my six semesters of NUS life. Never have I been so upset with any of my schools in my whole life.

I hate science, I hate the school of computing, I hate every fucking building within NUS other than the Arts Faculty and YIH, and perhaps the hostels I stayed in my early years of University.

Usually my Physics prof would end the class early so that out class, with a very high proportion of Arts students, can make it over to the other side of the campus, but today, the tutor took over the class, and ran a bit into time and by the time I reached the Science bus stop, there were a lot of people there. To make matters worse, that being the bus stop nearer to the University Hall, the buses that ply there have already picked up hoards of students at the other Science bus stop, the one opposite the School of Computing.

Altogether 3 A1s and 1 D went by me totally packed with people. And a 95 came by too but I couldn't take it because my class was at LT12, I had to stop at the bus stop outside LT13 which wasn't plyed by 95. Running late for my next class wasn't what that bothered me so much, rather, it was that of despair that almost made me break out in cold tears.

I hate Science.

Finally another D came. Actually it was also filled. I was standing near the door along with about 4 other people. There seemed to be space for one person, but because there were other people around, I hesitated in rushing up the bus, but none made a move, in a split second decision, I hiked up my bag and squeezed up the bus. I think I even muttered a please make some room for me to the other students squashed in the bus. You know the feeling of being relieved. That was how I felt when the door closed safely behind me.

Naturally, I was late for my next class, but that was not so traumatising.

After that class, I had to get back to Science, and missed another two A2 buses because it was so freaking packed with people. It seemed like no one wanted to stop outside LT13. Sucks... I had to wait for a D bus to come along. Luckily I wasn't really pressing for time if not I'd have flipped.

What followed was worse, after my morning Physics class, I made an appointment with my Physics tutor to meet after my History class and before my Physics tutorial. Speaking with my tutor, I felt so stupid. I don't know even the basic terminology and formulas. Then I didn't have a calculator somemore and couldn't work out the sums. I don't even own a calculator. I've forgotten how to even use a freaking scientific calcular and how to hit the x10 to the power of something. Crap... Luckily the tutor was patient.

After meeting my tutor, I sat outside the corridor of S13 to do my work before my tutorial. My tutor was previously at S11 and I knew that the building I was in my S12. S11, S12 and S13 were arranged in an L shaped formation with S12 being the connecting point. I knew I was just outside S13 so I thought it wouldn't take much for me to get to my tutorial room just one floor up.

How wrong was I.

When the time came, I couldn't find a stairs leading up to the third floor. I walked up and down the corridor of S13 peeking through each door but couldn't find a freaking staircase. I don't know how many times I went up and down the corridor, and I was almost in tears, yet again. How great, a year three student can't even find a freaking stairwell.

In the end, I went out of S13 back to S12 where I found a lift. And of course, I was late for my class again.

At the end of all the nonsense, I just wanted to leave the school as soon as possible and go back home to my two free days. Just two days of Uni Days has left me a very broken Joan, I don't know what I'd do if I had like four days straight of lessons.

Next semester I want to do an architecture module. No more Science for me please.


chillycraps said...

I never trust ISB, that's why I usually walk to Science. The thought of squeezing onto the cramp bus just makes me sick.

I don't quite like Science also, their buildings are like a maze. Wait till you walk from science canteen to LT32 on a rainy day and you will feel the real stupidity. You have to take a lift up to dunno what level, walk across the corridor, then take another lift down to dunno what level. They just dunno how to build buildings. Maybe cos engin and arts are nearer to sde. Anyway don't cry lah, science their staircases are always at both ends of the buildings. If can't find, look for the exit sign (if there's any in the first place)

xxoos said...

walk very far, sun very hot, don't like to get all sweaty then go inside cold cold LTs, will fall sick one.

i walked before from sci canteen to LT32, somemore didn't take lift, took stairs, wanted to die, but that one not too bad cos i walked with friends, so didn't get lost and got support.

Cloud said...

I don't like science too, and I have 2 modules there this sem. Sucks totally. It's even worse to be there when you r having cramps, and it's impossible to find any water cooler there. And somehow when u ask for directions (in english k) they either don't understand u or you can't make out their words through their accent, or they just stare at u for very long and walk away. Weird place, with weird ppl. okay I'm generalizing, but i totally understand how u feel, and it totally suck to be there.

xxoos said...

ah, cloud, ya... the lack of water coolers and water dispensers in science... i was coughing so badly the other day and had finished my bottle of water and there were no dispensers around, had to kope some water from my friend.

i've two modules in science too... a result of procrastinating doing breadth and gems, lol~ but i haven't had problems with asking directions in science~