Sunday, January 21, 2007


As you should know by now, I've been sick for more than a week already. I hate being sick, because that means that there are a lot of food I cannot eat, and that also means that I get all kinds of cravings which I cannot fulfill, and that is the most horrible thing that can happen to me. As such to happen, I was lying in the car after the daddie came to pick me up from school, I started moaning about my cravings. This time this craving was lagi bad.

It's not that I'm sick that I can't eat it, but I can't eat it because it's not sold in Singapore. It's not even sold outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Crap...

I so want to eat the Garneln Baguette from Nordsee~~~ I want a Nordsee in Singapore~ I want the Garneln Baguette to be sold in Singapore~ I want I want I want~~~ I promise that if someone were to bring the franchise to Singapore, I'd buy a Garneln a day, every day~~~

Dreaming about Garnelns, I dug up some old photos and decorated them, hoping that that might ease some of my craving pangs. But what the heck, I don't mind downing the crap calamaris even though they taste like rubber if someone brings Nordsee over to Singapore. wahaha~ Actually, I think Nordsee will be a hit in Singapore because Singaporeans love fish (it's Halal somemore!) and seafood, and currently the only seafood fastfood chains we have in Singapore is Long John Silver which is very unhealthy, so Nordsee can appeal to the health conscious people.

Last time we still had this shortlived fiasco of a seafood fastfood restaurant called What a Fish (don't know how many people remember it), it was actually a good concept, only that they focused too much on fish and forgot about other seafood. And also I think location wise and stuff was not properly planned that led to it being a fiasco. Just look at our own homegrown seafood restaurant chain, Fish and Co. (which used to own the What a Fish too), they are growing so strongly, so I can see a potential market in a Nordsee in Singapore.



Mix Box
The Mix Box consists of potato wedges, fried shrimps and fish nuggets. It's one of my favourites because they are all the stuff I like to eat~ Actually, Nordsee also has this Fish and Chips which I often eat but not photographed because it takes two hands to eat and no hands to take photos. lol~ Fish and Chips uses chips instead of wedges, so if I'm feeling for chips, I get the latter, if for wedges, the former, but if I'm feeling for prawns, then it's still the former. hehehe~

If I'm wishing for prawns but I don't want oily and fried food, then it's definitely a Garneln Baguette. OMG, that is my ultimate favourite and the thing I love from Nordsee. It's a baguette (read: zhem tau lo ti) with a base of egg mayo at the bottom, then cucumbers and prawns lined up at the top. I love egg mayo, I love prawns. There are usually about 8 prawns in one, which is a lot (this picture doesn't do justice, but it's the best I have). The only gripe is that because there are too many prawns, it gets messy when I eat, the prawns will fall off, so I need to use two hands to eat. One to hold the bread and the other to hold the falling prawns.

If I don't want to use two hands, I usually go for a Backfish. It's cheap and easy to eat, and is one of their favourite to-go menu. It has tartar sauce on it and a leaf of veggie, so it's also healthy.

The Lachs is slightly more expensive. Salmon mah, of course more expensive. If you don't know, Lachs is salmon... hehehe~ I love salmon, so I love this of course, but they don't have it everytime. The salmon is baked (yum yum), and it has a leaf of veggie and some spring onion thingie which I throw away, and some nice tartar sauce like sauce. But because it's not sold everytime, and I usually have my Garneln, I didn't eat as much of this as I wanted.

They sell sushi! hehehe~ I only bought that once for the novelty of it. It's not bad la. The rice is a bid too hard, but the fish is can eat one. I mean, it's all raw fish, as long as the fish is fresh they all taste the same. It's expensive, but it's cheaper than the other Japanese food one can get in Germany, especially in a little town. Actually, it was also the ebi that said hi to me. I love ebi! I love prawns mah... But not just because I love prawns, in a sushi bar, my favourites are sake (raw salmon), maguro (raw tuna), and ebi (cooked prawns). And the Kikkoman shoya was also a plus. lol~

That was the only thing I ever bought from Nordsee and regretted. It tasted rubbery. It wasn't fresh. Well, I mean can't expect much from a landlocked town right? Germany isn't famed for it's calamari. But then hor, the raw salmon was not bad leh... I'm guessing that they get the salmon from Norway, Norwegian salmon are like damn nice. The prawns are also quite fresh and nice, I wonder where they get the prawns from.

If only I can bring in Nordsee into Singapore, I don't have to get frozen seafood godknowswhere. There are fresh seafood in Singapore. We aren't an island nation for nothing. Even if we were to bring in seafood from overseas, I think transporting them to Singapore is also easy. With a strong to-go eating culture in Singapore, I think Nordsee can succeed. Just who will be kind enough to bring Nordsee here leh?


My craving pangs seem to be growing stronger and stronger. I really can't talk about food in the middle of the night.

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