Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Several Updates

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to and it's frustrating me. I've so many photos with me, so many stuff I want to ramble on about yet I don't have the time to blog. Been out so much lately that it's been almost an overkill, been out till late, coming back dead tired, don't have energy to do anything, and still need wake up early the next day. I'll be free tomorrow morning and afternoon but going out in the evening so it's still going out till late and tiring myself. Luckily Stammtisch has been postponed, so I think I can get a little bit of rest on Thursday, then Friday is yet another long day till late of lessons.

Let's see... I wanted to say I went out shopping on Saturday. Bought a whole lot of stuff, and very happy about my buys, and my New Year outfit's all settled~ A lot of things also happened on Saturday that all deserve an entry of their own. Oh well... Mark them down for a moment, see when I'm free to get back to that.

Sunday was a bad day. Okay, actually the whole weekend was supposed to be bad because of Rough Patch going on that vacation, but Saturday numbed me a whole bit and I was quite high from all the retail therapy. But the effects wore off on Sunday. Coupled with a severe case of PMS on Sunday, spoiling my supposed Swim and Exercise plans, forcing me to stay in bed reading the Donna Leon books I borrowed from the library.

Monday was okay. Stayed in school till late, read more Donna Leon. Oh, and I met Ivy, who passed me a note from Amanda and Xingning whom she met up with over the weekend. wow~ So touched~ Those days from primary school now seems so far back. Those were the days my friend, it seems like it never end... hai...

I woke up today so tired out. Today was one of the rare occasions I had to resort to coffee. The dajie at Coffee Club Express was saying I looked like I was dying. But the coffee did it's job, didn't doze off during classes.

Then after class I met up with the Singapore Film mates to go out gaigai before Caihui flies off to Hungary. But I think I'll be going to the airport to send her off. We were so crazy lor. We went to our trademark Ichiban Boshi and took lots of pictures~ Hongyi joined us much later, and as usual, he made us laugh at him a lot. wahaha~ We took so many photos until it was so late.

Got back home now and I'm so dead tired.

Tomorrow still going out.
Next week still going out again.

Being caught up in the frenzy is also not a bad change from my previous reclusive life. At least can put the mind away from Rough Patch for a while.

Okay, finished updating the stuff already. I'll see if I've the time and energy tomorrow to put up some pictures. I think I better put the pics up tomorrow because the more I drag the more photos I'll accumulate and by the time I've one big pile of them I'll be so sian to put them up. And this is speaking from the experiences of all my travelling. lol~ Yup~ So long~

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