Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Girls' Outing

These pictures were self-taken by my lousy phone camera in VivoCity some very long time back when we met over the holidays for a short get-together before Jasmine flies/flew to the UK. Jasmine is now safely there and having a ball of a lifetime.

In the meantime, I do not understand why is it so difficult for some people to send photos to the rest of us. It's been more than a month and that someone who brought the camera that day and took pictures of and for all of us and promised that she will send them to us have yet to do so. I've kindly asked her over MSN for the photos and she used "I'm busy now." to not send the pictures.

I know I'm also not the kind who would promptly send photos to everyone, but I do in the end, finally send photos to everyone. In fact, among them, I usually the fastest to disseminate my share of photos because I have a blog and I've lots of free time and I'm always online. They aren't online always and claim that they are always busy and god knows other whatnots.

Speaking of photos, some time a long time ago during the end of the summer vacation, just after I got back from Germany, the girls held a mini-chalet cum sleepover and barberque. Lots of photos were taken also. Then, until now, I still have yet seen any one of those photos we took that time. I asked the person helming the camera and well, she was busy when I asked over MSN and well, I still have yet seen any photo. I will ask those two girls again, when I finally see them online again. God knows when that will be, but for now, here are a bit of the photos I took.

It's a bit dark, okay, it's very dark, but these are all I have.

Me met at VivoCity. I was late. Very late actually. I was supposed to meet Jasmine earlier, but I woke up late, and I went to take a bath, and I took a bus ride down, so I was really late. hehehe... That's for screwing up my bio-clock over the holidays.

We went to Earles' by Swensons at VivoCity and the food there is above the price range of what I normally would go for, but since the girls chose it them mei you ban fa. I chose an expensive item, because I didn't want to eat the cheap stuff because I was off a fat and oil diet. So maybe it's also my fault for complaining that it's expensive. Actually, the meal also includes a salad buffet, but I hate my greens, so it's quite a waste.

Service there was also pretty bad. They took a long time for us to get their attention to make orders and to have water refills. We complained to the store manager and he assured us that the next time if we were to go there and he were to serve us, he'll ensure that service be prompt, but I don't think there will be a next time.

After the food there's the photo taking session and being at Vivo, obviously we went to the rooftop and fraternise with the fake beach and nice scenery. Then we went to the front of Vivo to take more pictures with the Christmas decorations. We took some really fun pics but they are not with me. I'm quite unhappy with that. I'll try to wrestle back those images, I'll try with all my might. Who cares about friendship when there's more important things at stake, hehehe~

Not all the girls went. I'm quite disappointed. I believe that one needs to make an effort to keep friends. I can't say that I make that effort because I don't, but at least, when someone else made the effort, there isn't really a need to busy oneself. But well, it's their choice ultimately.

I wonder in another couple of years time, how many of us will be left for yet another gathering IF there will be another gathering.

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