Thursday, February 08, 2007

erm... Farrell's Injury

erm... After my twitter note there, I've received quite a few erm... queries regarding Prof Farrell's injury. erm... It feels quite weird to be relaying gossips (?), extra information (?), useless information (?), about other people.

Why don't everyone drop a get well soon message (email:, please check it again also hor) directly to A/P Farrell instead~

I'm sure he's be pleased to know that he has a large fanbase of groupies among the little students in the NU of S and everyone is anxious and concerned about him~ I think it's nice to receive messages of concern when one isn't feeling that well. And I think Farrell also needs that extra well wishing and condolences after Chelsea trashes Arsenal for the League Cup finals on my 20th birthday. I'm sure Chelsea will give me the birthday present I want. So please be extra kind to Prof Farrell and help him nurse his wounds~

PS: Oh ya, forgot to add that, about Farrell growing shorter, it might just be a figment of my imagination, I didn't dare ask him if he really did grow shorter or not... oops...

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