Monday, February 26, 2007

Post CNY

Pardon me for my previous post, I wasn't feeling that all too good, I'd wanted to delete away that post but seeing all the words of greetings from you guys, I bu she de delete away that post. hehe~ So touched leh, within that few hours of posting, you guys commented on it so quickly.

So, to liven up spirits, shall post up a slew of pictures to entertain you guys.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on CNY clothes hunting and bought quite a bit of clothes for the new year. Not only had I bought clothes, but I also tried out a lot of clothes I can't afford. It's through the hunting of clothes that I realised that I'm fat. Gone are the days when I could fit into a size S and wear nice nice clothes looking nice and pretty, and thin. I now can't wear any tight fitting clothes which would just make me look fat, neither can I wear any midriff baring clothes let everyone can see my big tummy. In short, the fatter I am, the less choice of clothes I have.

My new year resolution:
- to aim to get back my figure.
To get back to my year 1 figure. Only only can I get to buy more nice clothes then, I can wear back all my nice clothes which I no longer fit. Really lor, I've about two very nice and short mini skirts which I've never worn and can no longer fit.

Damn those Germany trips, made me fat fat fat. Okay, I shall stop ranting on how much weight I'd gain, instead, shall go on with my Chinese New Year garbs~

Those marked O are those I bought and those marked X are those I didn't buy. Sorry for the cluttered look of the dressing rooms, I bought too many things, had too many bags and stuff. Oh, and those were on two separate shopping trips, so there were two different sets of my original clothes you can see hanging on the walls.

This was my garb for Chu Yi, yup~ You can see both the top and bottom featured in my shopping trail gif above. I matched it with a red hair clip. I very seldom tie my hair up, but it was hot that day and I didn't want my hair to get messed up when travelling from place to place. I think tying up of my hair makes me look younger, but the only problem is that I need to paint my face and cover up the spots if I want to tie up my hair. Usually I just use my hair to cover up the spots. lol~

This my garb for Chu Er. I wore the red nightdress looking thingie coupled with golden stockings and a gold belt. I know I know, I look like an ang bow. I'll never wear that combination anymore. I bought that pair of stockings thinking that it was a pair of tights, and actually the dress wasn't that short so I could have just went without the stockings. But then hor, when I bought that dress, its tag said that it was actually a blouse, actually, it said "blouse" on top of a cancelled out "dress". Whatever. The mother said that I looked pregnant when I wear it without the belt. bah~

But hor, that night I was too lazy to change so I wore that dress sans stockings and belt, like how I look in the above gif, to sleep. It was so very comfortable. I think I shall either wear that with a belt as a dress or as a nightdown next time. The best thing about it is that I can wear it without a bra and I still won't look bad. *wink wink*

It's a pity I didn't buy new shoes and bags this new year. The bag I carried was a birthday present from last year but have never used it before. It's an Armani Exchange bag, so bu she de carry, scared will dirty. I wore old shoes this year, and my sister's shoe. I tell you, my sister bought LOTS of clothes shoes and stuff this year. *shakes head*

But I did buy a new pencil case. My old one was getting dirty, so I got a new one, from Levi's. Saw it when my sister bought her pair of jeans~ It's nice and small, I don't have many things anyway, and looks quite cool. It wasn't that expensive also, even though it is considered expensive for a pencil case. I actually have a couple of pencil cases given to me during Christmas, but I do no like huge pencil cases which are bigger than my handbags, so well, let's just say that the new owner is very happy with it, and I am very happy about it.

It's like me giving away my long wallet, the one the girls gave me for my last year birthday, to my sister, with me choosing to carry a small little purse my cousin gave me instead, even though the wallet which I requested in my wish list was for a long one. I think I'm more into small things than big ones. It's like my foolscap pad, I'm using a B5 sized one instead of an A4. lol~ chibi!!! If only I were smaller... hehe...

But I'm not without a new bag this year. My sister just bought me a cute little adidas original royal handbag for me for my birthday this year. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, along with the royal belt. I even tried the belt on, asked for the price, but the belt was too small for me, and the price was too high for me. So when we were in adidas again yesterday, I picked the bag.

I love my sister~


stephanie said...

haha glad ure feeling better!! YAYEE!! =)) woww nice clothes. haha i rem the ang ang dress! i also fatter now!! even more aft the cny!! ahha wad plans do u hv to regain ur figure? help me toooo! =D

xxoos said...

the plan is to stop eating lor. you can try that if you want but i don't think i can stick to the plan leh. wahaha~

aikhui said...

hmm? I don't know about slimming down but then I lost 5 kg after I ORD-ed. But still, I can still feel the flab around the midriff leh.. Dunno which part of the body lost 5kg.. But then, just eat less each time and soon the appetite will be smaller and thus can slim down..

xxoos said...

erm... the 5kg you lost i think is muscle mass leh... fats are less dense than muscles. hehe~

aikhui said...

oh.. how i feel real FAT now..

xxoos said...

but you ord-ed so many years ago already lor.

anw, guys can afford to be weightier than girls. we're living in an unfair world.

aikhui said...

i ord-ed for 2 years only.. Huh? since when got such rule.. I'd wish i can be slimmer than now man.. I'm short so the height-body size ratio has to be proportionate.

xxoos said...

haiya... men can afford to be less physically attractive, because still got other factors that will up their appeal level, but women, no no.

and no, aik hui, you don't look that bad at all.

aikhui said...

ha, thanks.. same to u..

Anonymous said...

you know what??? you should gain 100kgs of fat!!! I love fat girls.