Friday, March 23, 2007

German Class Jokes

This will be a short one, and the jokes are in German, so the bulk of you out there can just ignore me. I just want to note it down because it's really very funny! And I've some time to spare.

In class just now, I was writing a short passage for an advert for a chair. I described the chair as being comfortable and healthy to use, "bequem und gesund". Shawn the clown looked over at my paper and said "ungesund" which means unhealthy. diaoz...

Frau Niemann heard me protest to Shawn and asked what happened.

Then she told us another joke from her other German class. She was discussing the difference between the akkusativ and dativ "in die" and "in der" with a student. "In die bibliothek gehen" means going to the library, but "in der bibliothek bleiben" means staying in the library, there's a difference in position and direction.

Then came another student who cut in and said "Inder und Inderin". Oh man, even as I'm typing this I'm laughing out lor. Inder is a male Indian and Inderin is a female Indian.

Then I shared with Frau Niemann what happened just before the class. Shawn came over to class while I was sitting outside waiting for time to pass and he asked me if he was late, so I said, "Niemand ist hier." He rushed into the room straight because he thought that I said "Niemann ist hier", he thought I meant that Frau Niemann had arrived before him.

Then Frau Niemann was like, this isn't the first time such things happened. She said that she often received emails greeting her as "Frau Niemand". diaoz... If you don't know, "niemand" means "nobody".

And she also said that some students mix her up with Frau Neumann, another German tutor. She gets emails for Frau Neumann and Frau Neumann gets emails for Frau Niemann. diaoz...


stephanie said...

hahaha so funny!! LOLS

how comeit sounds like english?
like "nobody is here?"

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