Friday, May 18, 2007

Anime Fanstuff Pushcart

Fans of anime and manga can remember there used to be a pushcart at Cineleisure selling all sort of anime fanstuff like keychains, plush toys, cosplay costumes, pictures, blah. That stall was tended by this boy who was very short but very cute. Then one day that pushcart disappeared.

I had wanted to buy the Full Metal Alchemist State Alchemist watch but didn't have the chance to. But it was all right, didn't buy it meant some money saved.

That stall attendent was also a very interesting figure. He came up to about my chest level, very short, even Cindy also thought that he was short, erm... Cindy, no offense hor. I tried guessing his age, putting him at like primary six, but I don't think he's really that young because Singapore do have underage employment laws to protect the children. Besides, we met him again at a cosplay event and he was all decked out and was hanging around with people who looked older.

Even though he's like damn short, and highly likely to be way younger than us, visits to Cineleisure seemed to have a highlight to visit his stall and ogle over eye candy. He's really damn cute. hahaha~

Anyway, as I was saying, after the stall disappeared, I can't get my usual fanstuff fix anymore. Until I saw another pushcart at Tampines Mall that day! I was standing around with a couple of friends waiting for a friend when I saw from the corner of my eye a Kyoya plush toy. Damn kawaii~ So I inched closed and dug out from behind Kyoya, a Tamaki plush toy! Even more kawaii~

I was fondling the plush toys when this tall cute guy decked in cosplay costume come up from behind me to tell me the price and show me other plush toys. $8.90 to own Tamaki, not that expensive, but it's really unnecessary money, so I decided to to buy it. Then I went back to my friends.

But after waiting for a long time, and me being very bored, I strayed over to the pushcart to look at more fanstuff. I browsed through all the keychains, but they were mostly Naruto and Bleach stuff, then that cute guy came over again to show me even more cute stuff. But since I already decided that I wasn't going to buy anything, I kinda felt bad for him having to show me all the stuff knowing that I'm not going to buy any. I tried to tell him I was only looking, and he can go back and sit down, then I went back to my friends.

While chatting with my friends, I pointed out all the interesting stuff that was being sold in the pushcart, a Death Note pillow in the shape of the notebook, and can open it somemore. Damn kawaii~ Then still got the FMA State Alchemist watch. wah lau... I was showing my friend that and telling him about my experience in Cineleisure when I wanted to buy it but the stall disappeared.

Then the cute stall attendent cam up and tell us that this is the same pushcart as the one from Cineleisure. Apparently, they are a mobile pushcart thingie, so they make rounds around Singapore around all the various malls. And also that they would be relocating again in June. He offered to take down my contacts so that I can be informed when they relocate. I gladly wrote down my contacts. That cute guy also took a liking to my Detective Conan chain hanging down my handphone and kept asking where I bought it from. haha~ Paiseh, it's Someone give me one...

After finally waited for the arrival of the remaining friend, we left that standing area. I was commenting to my friends that the cute guy was very cute. Then my friend was like, why didn't you ask for his number. Oh yar hor... Then my friend added, but he has your number already mah. dot dot dot...

Maybe I should go back to Tampines Mall one day to look for the FMA State Alchemist watch. Is it worth it anot at $17.90?

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