Sunday, May 06, 2007

April Food Round-Up

I started a little project of taking pictures of food I've eaten. Most of the time I forget to take pictures of them, but here's a little roundup of the food I've remembered to take pictures of for the month of April. Yes, I'm so dry of blogging ideas that I'm now at a new low.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich with my Iced Latte in the background, from Coffee Club Xpress outside NUS LT12.

It was a terribly bad day with me waking up late, bringing the wrong books, and basically me feeling like shit. I was intending to skip lunch, but the thought of worsening my day made me feel even worse, hence comfort food. Luckily for the comfort food, I met Yanwei who happened to be there, and after a bit of chatting, I felt better, and the day became better as I headed for my next class which was more interesting and nothing bad subsequently happened.

Some promo item from Long John Silver Cineleisure branch.

I just wanted to try out the promo item because it was damn cheap. I added a chicken too because I remembered I sort of liked the chicken. I hadn't eaten LJS ever since the one at Parkway folded, so this was like a flash back to the past for me. Actually I ordered my with an "add chicken" but it came as "replace with chicken" so I had to go back to get my fish, a bit sucky la the service, but what to do, fast food is fast food.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Fries, from MOS Burger Plaza Singapura branch.

I love MOS Burger. I love the Teriyaki Chicken Burger with extra extra mayo~ There’s nothing to talk about this meal since it’s one very common meal that I like to have, can even be considered as a comfort meal. I love it so much that I’d always order that when I go MOS Burger to eat hence thus rendering me unable to try out other food. haha… And one more thing to remember about this meal was that I had it with Someone. If only I knew he was Someone then, I’d probably have taken more notice of the meal. bah~

Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s and Chicken Pie from Delifrance.

Those were the food the parents tabao-ed back for me, all lup sup food. I’ve this fascination with Filet-O-Fishes because the bun is very smooth. Since young, I’ve this fascination with the buns and always comparing it with my face, I wished that my face’s as smooth as the bun. hahaha~ Chicken Pie, nothing much to say. I tilted the balance/contrast of it with photoshop to make it look nicer. Ya, I’m cheating a bit.

Chocolate Brownie from NUS Munchie Monkey.

I was cheated by that guy in Munchie! I had wanted the Italian Chocolate Cake, and paid for it before I was told that they ran out of Italian Chocolate Cakes. Had I known that there weren’t Italian Chocolate cakes, I wouldn’t have ordered anything, in the end, had to get a replacement, this brownie lor. Is not bad la, but I prefer the Italian Chocolate Cake. Oh yar, I had this with Someone, so it’s also another thing to supposedly remember, but I can’t seem to remember much about it leh… bah~

Fried Yong Tau Foo from Fu Lin Dou Fu Yuan in Siglap.

The mother tabao-ed for me because I wanted to eat tau-pok. It’s very nice when eaten fresh and hot, but the ones that were left till night to eat didn’t taste just as nice. Still, when eaten fresh and hot, they’re one of the nicest tau-poks around. I want to try them again~

Marinara from Pastamania Parkway Parade branch.

I always have my pasta in Spaghetti, and I always have Marinara when I go Pastamania to eat. I have favourites and I usually just stick to my favourites, I lack the curiosity to try other stuff because I think I’m quite a faithful person, well, at least faithful enough until I get obsessed over some other new stuff. haha~ I love Marinara because I love tomato based pastas, and I love seafood.

Assorted Dim Sum from Yum Cha.

For $15nett, this buffet is really worth its price. And this is also yet again another example of Joan eating only her favourites. Before entering the restaurant, I’ve already decided I want to eat two baskets of Siew Mai, Har Gau, Xiaolongbao, then Someone asked me why don’t I try out other stuff, try some new things. My answer was that I wanted to eat the things I like, then after eating my fill of the things I like, I don’t have much space in my stomach for other new things. The ironic thing was that after ordering some new things, Someone found that one of the dish was not as imagined. Let’s just say that this concretes my rationale in only ordering things I like to eat rather than trying out new stuff. Yes, I am not daring in my eatings, but I like what I eat can already mah~

Char Kway Teow from I don’t know where. hahaha~

Another tabao-ed back food for me to eat. I just love Char Kway Teow~ But my Char Kway Teow must be without chilli, without tau gey, without lup cheong. Ya, I’m very picky with my food, especially the without tau gey part, so not many stalls would actually sell Char Kway Teow to me, only that few stalls that my parents usually patronise, well, patronise to buy food for me. Who ask them don’t cook, then have to tabao food for me. bah~

Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled Eggs and drinks from Ya Kun City Hall branch.

I remember this meal with Someone. haha~ I realised that the Ya Kun people quite waste the eggs. They’d crack and pour the eggs out without scraping the sides of the shell, so a lot of eggs is actually being wasted. hai… I think I prefer to eat in places where I can crack the egg myself, then again, I think I suck at cracking eggs, and they burn my fingers, so maybe again, not. haha~

Friday’s set lunch of Chicken Breast Pasta from CafĂ© Cartel Serangoon Gardens branch.

My very favourite set lunch menu from Cartel, only on Fridays, and it’s not even in the a la carte menu, so I can’t even order it as and when I wanted. I think Cartel’s set lunch is really damn worth the price. For $9.50 only, there’s so much food to eat, soup, drink, main course, dessert, plus free flow of bread to stuff you full full. I must find another Friday to go back down to eat, maybe I go Sigalp branch one…


Chilled for two nights already. I only eat my durians chilled because I cannot stand the smell of fresh durians. And I like the durians which have ‘tail’, don’t know why but I just think that they taste nicer with the tail, or rather, the tail tastes nicer. haha~ And I eat my durians with a spoon because I don’t want my hands to stink. I cannot stand the smell of stale durians. But somehow I like to eat durians. haha~ I’m so weird.

Yup... I don't know if I'll do this again, but I hope the food looks good enough to temp you guys~


chillycraps said...

please, Yum Char is lousy!

xxoos said...

i like yum cha.

i think it's better than any other dim sum place in singapore, better than the cj chains, better than red star. only place i can think of that's better is probably goodwood park.

chillycraps said...

fine, it's your own preference.

If you think CJ is not good enuff, try Lei Garden or Kam Boat.

xxoos said...

why you sound so bitter?

cj is okay la, can eat, nicer than the average, just that i find it a bit too much like commercialised production. haven't tried lei garden but kam boat is normal leh...

i prefer yam cha cos the ingredients are fresh, the prawns are fresh, and generous. some places put too much pork in siew mais, don't really like, but yam cha got more prawns. but what i really like are the xiaolongbaos. very fine meat and very flavourful soup, and the skin won't break easily.

EgGyBo! said...

hey hey.. 5 star chicken rice change name le.. dunno if the food is still the same...

xingyi said...

Wah!!! U really know how to enjoy urself! All these good food make me drool liao... haha... oh ya, pls choose somewhere with v good food to meet k! Haha... u sure know where all the good food are! Haha... i think i've been eating v lousy food...

xxoos said...

aikhui: changed to what name? is the food the same anot? ahh... i must go and see one day.

xingyi: haha... okay la... you got any cravings anot? think we can have something that's not indian food ba. hahaha~